Best Cleaning Service Provider In Copenhagen

Best Cleaning Service Provider In Copenhagen

Are you in full focus on creating value for your business? Efficiency, creativity and collaboration are important concepts in the workplace, and it is the alpha omega that the surroundings are neat, presentable and not least clean. According to the Danish Working Environment Authority, indoor climate problems can quickly arise for employees if no emphasis is placed on efficient, continuous and environmentally friendly commercial cleaning. A good indoor climate is therefore crucial for a healthy work environment and thereby happy and efficient employees.

At Rengøringshjælp, responsibility is one of our core values. Responsibility in relation to the fact that we are careful and respectful with the offices we clean – but just as much responsible in relation to the fact that we maintain a healthy indoor climate with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Let us take care of the cleaning in your company – and then you can focus on the business.

With many years of experience in commercial cleaning, our flexibility has been equipped to handle any query. One solution that is becoming more and more attractive is to pamper employees to ease their profits and motivation. The solution is that we clean both the areas in the company, but also the employees’ personal homes. No matter what kind of solution you want, whether it is only the company or also private cleaning , we are ready to tailor a solution exactly to your wishes.

Our employees receive both courses and continuing education, so they are top professionals and extremely quality-conscious – and they are always ready for dialogue if there is something you want differently along the way. It is you who must be satisfied with the cleaning – that is why trust and openness are very important to us. If you need us to take care of the cleaning in your company, You can also fill out the form on this page. We are happy to get professional commercial cleaning in Copenhagen, Aarhus and all major cities and industrial areas in Denmark.

You are in completely safe hands if you leave Rengøring to keep your home clean and presentable. We have extensive experience with cleaning assistance in private homes, and we currently have more than 1800 regular customers. We know that moving around in private homes is a very responsible job, and therefore we never compromise on our core values. We treat your belongings as if they were our own, and you can be assured that we are always careful when we get around all the nooks and crannies. We are your maid.

You will meet your permanent team at the first private cleaning, where you will review the house together and the agreed cleaning program. Remember that we are flexible with illness, holidays etc. and you can therefore cancel or move the cleaning assistance at any time, however, in accordance with our cancellation policy.

We recommend our customers to purchase a thorough start-up cleaning, where we make sure to get to the bottom of the task, so there is a good starting point to start from.

At jacobsens-rengø, we work from a clear quality-oriented, flexible and credible attitude. One thing is for sure: you always get a solid team and no lock-in period. Our customers must be confident that it is the same people who clean their homes – hence the credibility. And they should not feel obligated to commit to a period of private cleaning, if it still does not fit into everyday life – hence the flexibility. However, if we have a fixed appointment, but you have unfortunately become ill or another case that may affect that day, then we are flexible and find another day that suits you better.

The quality-oriented attitude is evident both in our permanent team, but also in our flagship case of environmentally friendly private cleaning and business Erhvervsrengøring. We use only environmentally friendly products, and we have a strong focus on allergy friendliness and sustainability . That is why we cover the entire palette of customers, as we focus on allergy sufferers and the environment. If you think we can make your life more enjoyable and your profits bigger by keeping your home clean and presentable, you can either fill out the form on this page, call us on telephone +45 4880 9952 or send an e-mail to [email protected]ø We are happy to take care of your private cleaning in Copenhagen.

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