How to spend a week in Nepal

How to spend a week in Nepal

Nepal is a small world lying in the lap of the world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest (8848 m). The beautiful scenario and unique culture bless the tourism sector of Nepal; many tourists visit Nepal every year to have a delightful time and holidays. Tour & Traveling in Nepal is blissful and gives you a lot of knowledge and experiences that will last forever.

Nepal and the Nepalese will give you the best hospitality. Guest is god, and making god comfortable is the prime motive of every Nepalese. Delicious traditional Nepalese food cannot be under-raged. Weather is comfortable to travel, and the freshness of villages will hold your heart.

A one-week trip is never enough to discover the beauty of Nepal. It will never be enough to see the beautiful views and experience the unique culture and exquisite hospitality. However, you can complete a tour in a week. Some trips which are completed in a week is listed below:

Exploring Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara:

These three cities are the major attraction of tourists and are nearby. You can even have air services to visit these places.

Kathmandu, the capital city, is the primary country from where it is easy to travel. Kathmandu has a lot of history and fantastic beauty. Kathmandu was ruled by many Mallas and kings, because of which the old buildings have incredible architecture. Pashupati Temple, a grand temple of Lord Shiva, is a religious hub for all Hindus and Buddhists worldwide.

Pokhara is a fantastic place and the top place for tourism in Nepal. The area is packed with joy, unique experiences, and beauty. Pokhara also provides you with adventures such as bungee jumping, paragliding, trekking to particular places. Tal Barai temple in the middle of Fewa Lake is an amazing Mistry. Pokhara will never fail to surprise you with what they offer.

Chitwan is a place for those who love wildlife. Chitwan National park jungle safari will show you fantastic vegetation and rare animals; the authentic Tharu culture and food will amaze you.

Ghandruk Trek:

Ghandruk trek is a short trekking trail that is a combination of magnificent views and fantastic culture. The course will take you in the footsteps of Annapurna Base camp. Mostly Gurung community is the prominent resident of Ghandruk village, but other communities like Brahmin, Chettri, Limbu, and Rai have been living in harmony.

A week is enough to explore the culture and beauty of Ghandruk. This tour is a famous trekking route of Nepal with beautiful visions of peaks and exclusive tradition and food.

Helambu Trek: 

Helambu Trek is a golden milestone of Nepal. The journey will take you to the Hemalbu village, a typical home to the vast Sherpa community. You will learn about the Sherpa culture, and the experience will overwhelm your heart. The trip takes you to the lush rhododendron forest and green farmlands. It will take over a week to complete the hike. It takes one hour from Kathmandu to the start of the journey. The village is located near the river, which adds beauty to the town and is at the foot of Langtang Himal and gives a complete view of Lantang Himal.

Everest Short trek:

Hiking at the foot of the world’s highest mountain peak, Everest, is a fantastic experience. Traveling in Everest reason is the popular tourist destination of Nepal. The Everest short trek might not take you through the whole circuit but will surely take you to some fantastic sites of the Everest region. A complete view of the shining Mount Everest is the major attraction of the trip; the green lush fresh air forest and soft-hearted Sherpas will enhance your journey in a better way. Unique Sherpa culture and food will add beautiful memories to your life. Yak cheese, butter tea, and other outstanding food will surely surprise you.

Garments made from yak’s wool are the attraction of Everest reason. The journey is packed with excellent. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want the taste of the Everest region in a short time. The proud Mount Everest welcomes you throughout your journey, shining bright.

Mardi Himal Trek:

Another fantastic short trip to Nepal is the Mardi Himal trek. This trek is an excellent chance to enhance your climbing experience. The trekking route has gained some popularity recently. The path leads you to learn about the sheltered life of Nepal. The beautiful view of the Annapurna ranges and other peaks is breathtaking. Amazing vegetation and unique flowers throughout the journey will provide you with fresh air and comfort in your tour. Blooming maroon rhododendron looks attractive in the trail route.

This trek is the perfect getaway from your busy life to enjoy yourself in a beautiful environment. The trekking routes are well developed in tourism and facilities. The place is magical and will not disappoint you.

Chitwan National Park journey:

Exploring the beautiful Chitwan National park takes you one whole week. It is a perfect spot for those who love to spend time in Nature. You will experience the fantastic Tharu culture and food while staying in Chitwan. Rare Species like the one-horned Rhino and Bengal tiger are the habitat of the lush forest of Chitwan National park.

Jungle Safari will provide to opportunity to explore Chitwan deeply. A better way to explore the forest is to hike, but there is an alternative to a jeep safari.

Rafting in the Narayani River is another experience that will be well-remembered. Elephant bathing and other fun activities with elephants are the major attraction in the Chitwan region.

Staying in the traditional Tharu home enjoying outstanding hospitality cannot be wasted. Beautiful Tharu cultural dances will welcome you, and you can also participate in their dances.

Ghorepani Pool hill trek:

Ghorepani pool hill trek is beautiful short hiking done in a week. Amazing sunrise view from the Pool hill point is the major attraction of this trek. Your adventure will begin as you step into Pokhara, and you will see the fantastic views of shinning Annapurna Ranges and green farmland. This trek is a tremendous gap from your busy and toxic life. You will have an excellent time enjoying fabulous views.

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