Redistribution of Oil Royalty

President Dilma Roussef sanctioned the Oil Royalties Redistribution law this Friday (11/30). However, the President vetoed the section of the law that was approved in the Chamber of Deputies, which defined a greater share of royalties to non-producing states and municipalities in production fields already under exploration. The President issued a …

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Can Wigs Damage The Hairline?

Wigs are popular because of their many benefits, making them a popular choice among wig wearers. Lace front wigs simulate a natural hairline, allowing you to feel and look great while wearing your wig. Lace front wigs are an excellent option for switching up your look without making any permanent changes …

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Top 5 Best Blogging Platform for Beginners

Are you starting your new blog? Well, you don’t have any idea about hardcore HTML coding, then don’t worry about web design skills. These platforms will make your blogging take off easier. These platforms make your blogging life hassle-free from hosting and coding usually for free. It depends on what …

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