Dubai Wonders and Adventure of Desert Safari

Dubai Wonders and Adventure of Desert Safari

Dubai is a place for Islamic people, but it is open to all. People from all over the world come to Dubai every year and they are very well received by the locals of Dubai. The natural beauty of Dubai, different places for every age group like museums, parks, beaches, catch your eye and snatch your soul at a glance. Dubai is a place where you can relax and have fun with your family.

A new sensation in the world

Dubai has emerged as a new sensation in the world. A few years ago, Dubai was a barren land of nomads, but with the discovery of oil in the region, it became rich. Dubai grew rapidly and is now known for its tourism. You can see wonders like Palm Island, Burj Dubai, indoor ice skiing, and of course the sand desert.

Dubai offers

Dubai offers a very attractive place for its visitors. It is not only a place of entertainment but also a business hub where many international tourists come. In this way, it helps increase the income of the people of the country. The city of Dubai has everything that is uniquely attractive, a good lifestyle, shopping centers, great dining places, international business centers, high-quality hotels, and so on. Dubai’s art galleries are famous all over the world for their beautiful landscapes. Artists from around the world exhibit their work in galleries that include landscapes, artwork, furniture, and coffee galleries. Some popular art galleries include Third Line, B21, Five Green, and Green Art Gallery.

Museums of Dubai

Anyone can gather knowledge from the museums of Dubai which gives you a lot of material on the history of Dubai. In addition, these museums include archeological objects such as skeletons, metal objects, stone carvings, and pottery. Some of the materials are 4,000 years old, as many of them were discovered during excavations in the UAE. Water parks in Dubai are full of fun. Dubai’s two most famous water parks are Wonderland theme parks with 100 different slides where fun and adventure can be experienced together. Next to Dubai’s famous park is the Wild Wadi theme park where the fun never ends. It is the largest park in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari

The desert has its environment. You could say that this is a rough aspect of nature. During the day its temperature can rise to 50+ centigrade and at night it drops below 10 centigrade. The deserts of Dubai are called the Golden Desert because of the color of their sand. As Dubai has established itself as a tourist destination, it has highlighted the beauty of the desert and made it attractive to us. To enjoy the desert is to visit it. The best way to do this is to go on a safari.

Safari itself is derived from the Arabic word “safar” which means travel. Due to its height and red sand, Hatta Lehbab is a popular destination for Dubai desert safari. Many registered companies provide services for desert safaris. Normally every company provides pick and drop service, well safari starts in an SUV car mostly a 4×4 land cruiser it will pick you up from your destination place and then hit the desert the driver is very professional and provide you with a thrilling roller coaster and collision. Ride and then stop at this unique place where you spread your legs for a while and experience the amazing exotic desert sunset that you will remember for a long time, from there a beautiful view of the desert Will take you to Desert Camp where you can enjoy camel rides, dinner, belly dancing, and Tanoura dancing. You can mix them like Arabs by wearing their clothes, and girls can get tattoos with henna (henna). After that, you can return to your hotel or stay and feel the cool desert nights and leave after breakfast in the morning.

There are also many safaris like valley and mountain safaris, city tours, Danata cruises, and traditional dhow cruises, but desert safari is popular.

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