10 Quirky Tattoos You Can Sport If You Love Wearing Half-sleeves

10 Quirky Tattoos You Can Sport If You Love Wearing Half-sleeves

It is often thought that arm tattoos look great only if you sport them with completely bare arms, i.e. while wearing sleeveless tops, tanks or camisoles. But that is not true at all, we assure you.

Unique tattoos when chosen and inked with love and care, with proper meaning and motivation behind them, look great even if worn with half-sleeved tops, t-shirts and shirts. You just have to ensure that they are primarily focused on or around the forearm and are completely visible.

Go ahead and have a look at these 10 quirky tattoos you can sport if you love wearing half-sleeves.

  1. Florals

You might be thinking about how can a floral tattoo be unique when it is one of the most commonly used tattoo designs? But we have a suggestion for you with a bit of a twist. A floral pattern is drawn around the face of a lion. Beautiful and fierce at the same time.

PS: Lion is one of the best symbols of tattoos for strength.


A good quote can be an excellent idea for a half sleeve tattoo on the forearm. We liked this one that says “No rain, no flower”—a perfect fit for a motivational quote to get you up and running.

3. Sanskrit shlokas

If English quote tattoos look very mainstream and ordinary to you, we suggest you go for a meaningful Sanskrit shloka. Not only does it honor our rich Indian heritage, but it also looks unique and quirky.

4. Compass

A great half sleeve tattoo for women!

We absolutely loved this gorgeous compass tattoo and would recommend it for your inner forearm. It can stand as a symbol of wanderlust, direction, balance and symmetry, and cut a striking figure for you. Aren’t the intricate patterns on it pretty?

5. Armlet

This is a dramatic and one-of-its-kind tattoo idea. Making you feel as if you’re wearing a jeweled armlet better than Wonder Woman’s, this elaborately designed armlet tattoo with its ruby highlights is both sensual and attractive. If you love details and a bit of drama, this is the one to go for

6. Multiple minimals

When you have finally decided to get a tattoo, who said you need to stop at one! You can revamp your entire look and perception of people by getting a bunch of multiple minimal tattoos. 

It will roughly be the same effort as getting a single detailed, large tattoo. Moreover, this is also a great idea if there are multiple tattoo designs you like, and it isn’t proving easy to narrow on to one!

7. Arrow

This fierce yet delicate-looking arrow, which is beautifully fletched, would be the perfect design if you want a simple tattoo spanning the length of your forearm. This arrow design signifies determination and a single-minded focus on your goals and dreams.

8. Landscape sketch

If you have a landscape or a scene of natural beauty fixed in your mind, or perhaps a beautiful photo of it, preserving its memory as a tattoo could be a wonderful idea. The scene could be from anywhere, from your hometown, a place you visited or a place you’re yet to see.

9. Fan-fiction

This Harry Potter-themed tattoo design combining the symbol of the deathly hallows and Professor Snape’s most popular dialogue would be the top pick of all Potterheads! You can also have another similar tattoo inspired by your favorite franchise if Harry Potter isn’t your deal.

10. Meaningful for you

Our last recommendation for you would be to follow your heart and choose something, a word, a design or a doodle you made, anything that has some meaning for you and is close to your heart.

We hope you enjoyed going through our recommendations and would absolutely love it if you choose to get inked with any of them.

Happy inking! 🙂

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