Why does a restaurant need a pole, ROLL UP or FLY BANNER

Why does a restaurant need a pole, ROLL UP or FLY BANNER

For outdoor advertising uses a variety of designs, for example advertising stand ROLL UP. They are selected on the basis of the scope of business, as it directly depends on their effectiveness. For the restaurant business (the same applies to the cafe) are very popular are posters.

This word refers to the remote counter, which is installed near the entrance to the institution and informs passersby about the menu, new dishes, promotions, etc. And, of course, points to the restaurant itself. The design is notable for its lightness, mobility and compact size. It unfolds like a book and resembles a small tent. For wind resistance it is important to determine the optimal angle of opening, depending on the height of the banner.

Such advertising design demonstrates quite a high efficiency. How many people would pass by a restaurant or cafe if they didn’t notice the enticing offers! “Fresh pastries”, “Discount on business lunch”, “New refreshing cocktail”, “Delicious crispy pizza” – with these signs you can attract attention and lure visitors to your establishment. And that’s why many restaurants already use posters. To enhance the effect, you can also install additional outdoor advertising such as Fly banner – Banderolas Publicitarias

Varieties of banners

Stenders differ from each other by design. Designers come up with stylistic solutions or take the standard format as a basis – again, it depends directly on the goals and concept of the institution. Here are just a few varieties:

  • Rectangular;
  • Arched;
  • With a chalk surface;
  • With removable information;

In addition, non-standard shapes of designs are also developed.

The image, as a rule, is applied by means of a vinyl self-adhesive film. Chalkboard surface allows you to write with chalk and erase, and is quite popular because of its ease of use and stylish appearance. Due to the peculiarity of its design, it is possible to put information on the billboard from both sides, which allows it to be seen by passersby in both directions.

Frames are usually made of metal, it increases the stability of the design, its resistance to wind and mechanical damage. And as the basis can be used organ lit, plastic, polycarbonate or galvanized metal. The cost of production is low, and this is another advantage of the banner.

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