What is Cryptocurrency Trading and What Affects Crypto rates?

Crypto trading is the way to profit, maneuvering between crypto prices’ ups and downs. The market offers numerous trading tools such as:

  • futures trading – speculation on the future price of an asset;
  • margin – trading with borrowed funds (leverage);
  • staking – holding crypto assets and receiving interest;
  • etc.

Some crypto trading strategies imply buy and selling cryptocurrency daily, while others mean you buy and hold coins for many weeks. Depending on the trader’s goals, one picks:

  • day trade strategy;
  • swing strategy;
  • buy and hold;
  • sculping;
  • etc.

Price volatility is the core of trading. Crypto rates are incredibly changeable. Let’s see what affects them.

What Impacts Crypto Rates?

Here are the factors impacting the prices on the crypto market:

  • general situation in the market;
  • investors’ sentiment;
  • world’s economy;
  • hype, news;
  • demand and supply.

What is The Best Place for Crypto Trading?

WhiteBIT crypto trading platform is a young yet popular service for trading and investment. It offers up-to-date market rates and low fees for transactions.

You can buy cryptocurrency with fiat by attaching your debit card to your account. The platform is incredibly convenient from the first try, so even a novice user will handle it. WhiteBIT is an exchange and a community of people aimed at expanding the adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide. It cooperates with many promising projects, issues its native WBT token, and offers a referral program for community members.

Also, WhiteBIT has a standalone resource White Blog, posting helpful reviews on different cryptos, descriptions of projects, and detailed guides on cryptocurrency trading. The exchange offers a passive income opportunity for those not ready to start trading – smart staking. Staking implies keeping your coins in the exchange’s wallets and receiving income in the form of additional coins as interest. Look for more information on staking on the White Blog.

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