Main Reasons to Use an Anonymous Hosting

Although “anonymous” is frequently used in connection with illegal activity, the right to stay anonymous is one of the fundamental human rights.

In news reports, those who hide their identities are presented as sinister figures operating behind a multiple monitor setup, engaging in illegal trades on the DarkWeb, or breaking into someone’s Facebook account.  But the fact is that still more and more regular users are looking for ways to improve their privacy.

Privacy and anonymity are fundamental human rights

When the Google search engine was introduced, people expected a place to look up any information without worrying about consequences. However, because we are continuously being watched, monetizing our online behavior for marketing resulted in a total loss of privacy. Our internet behavior is examined and sold to third-party companies for profit. However, data breaches are even a more severe issue, and ransomware attacks frequently appear in headline news. In exchange for their data, victims of ransomware attacks are asked to pay enormous sums.

Since we live in a digital age where everything is connected, we can’t simply “go offline.” We constantly rely on the Internet. For example, to communicate with new clients, keep in touch with friends and family, find locations, find phone numbers, and much more is possible only thanks to the Internet. But  Instead of entirely disconnecting, we might reduce our digital footprint with certain anonymous services. Because every time you use the Internet, you leave some information behind, including Google searches, social media posts, and online payments. Your digital footprint consists of all of these little pieces, which can be used to determine who you really are.

Host your Data Anonymously

Anonymous hosting is a unique incognito hosting solution designed for internet users who need to securely and privately host their data. It allows hosting content anonymously without worrying about someone linking it back to the source. This level of anonymity is possible only thanks to the anonymous sign-up process and untraceable cryptocurrency payments.

These are the basic features of anonymous hosting are:

  • Anonymous sign-ups
  • Crypto payments
  • Tor onion version
  • Offshore hosting advantages

Anonymous sign-ups and crypto payments won’t reveal any users’ details. Tor onion domain is the highest level domain accessible only thanks to the Tor browser, where it is impossible to monitor your online activity. Offshore refers to servers located in offshore countries, often using various offshore benefits. Some anonymous offshore hosting providers claim to be DMCA-resistant.

The only way to start an anonymous blog or host your website anonymously is with an anonymous VPS.

What is anonymous VPS

A virtual private server, or VPS, is a technology based on virtualization. Virtualization divides physical servers into many independent virtual machines with strictly allocated resources.  These anonymous server resources are always ready for your needs with precisely allocated resources like RAM, SSD, and vCPU. With anonymous VPS, you won’t experience slow site loads during performance peaks, as is typical for shared hosting.

Moreover, when signing up for anonymous VPS hosting, you are not required to disclose personal information. All that is needed to start an anonymous website or blog is just an email. However, don’t use your private or business email for any anonymous service. If you want to stay unknown, use some disposable or highly encrypted email service.

Users can get anonymous hosting without the need to reveal any personal data. 

Anonymous hosting accepts only crypto payments

We know how easily can traditional payment methods compromise your privacy. Cryptocurrencies are removing the common privacy issues in the world of payment technology. Due to the increasing popularity of digital payments, users now have the option to pay with bitcoin for nearly anything.

Bitcoin is unquestionably the most popular cryptocurrency. However, is Bitcoin truly anonymous? Given that every transaction is permanently recorded and stored in the blockchain, it is better to characterize Bitcoin as pseudonymous. Users should take caution and avoid connecting their wallets to services that comply with the KYC regulation.

Truly anonymous hosting services accept only crypto payments, making revealing your real identity difficult or impossible.

Conclusion: True online anonymity requires changes to your digital habits, like replacing your browser, switching to a cryptocurrency payment method, and replacing your email service and hosting provider.

Numerous hosting companies now offer anonymous private servers thanks to technological advancements and virtualization. But truly anonymous hosting is only the one that does not require any personally identifiable information. Your true identity will remain hidden thanks to the anonymous sign-up process and untraceable Bitcoin payments. Anonymous VPS is The most excellent option if you tend to strengthen your privacy.

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