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On the brink of extinction? What is the future of slots

Attempts to predict the future are quite a risky business, but this is what the gambling and betting business is built on. Twenty-one years ago, the first online casino site appeared. But what about the present and the future?

It is paradoxical, but today one of the most innovative and relevant technologies being developed in the field of online games is the creation of an ideal virtual casino. It may seem strange that developers are trying to achieve a virtual reproduction of what already exists in reality. It’s a bit like trying to create pencil and paper with a computer. Future-oriented developers refer to themselves as “virtual reality providers”.

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Prospects for the development of online slots

According to some of them, in the future, online players will have the opportunity to virtually visit the most popular casinos in the world. They will freely roam the hall, play slot machines, roll dice on the gaming table, chat with friends over a game of blackjack or even drink a virtual cocktail in a bar. This is supposed to be the perfect way to experience the atmosphere of a real casino on the other side of the planet.

The idea of ​​replicating a virtual casino is not new in itself. Developers have been involved in this concept since the beginning of the era of online games. Until now, the problem has been the lack of innovative technologies that would help in this matter. But recently, Microsoft announced the start of work on the latest 3D glasses project. Perhaps very soon, players will have the opportunity not only to visit a virtual casino but also to play with a virtual companion.

The most important key in the development of online slots is the plot of the games. When we play online, the casino tracks our behavior by remembering the sequence of actions. Now users want to play Book of Oz, Ultimate Hot, Sun of Egypt 2, Hot Fruits 20, or Gates of Olympus. More and more slots provide an additional incentive to play according to the wishes of the players, such as loyalty programs, ratings, and additional bonuses. In some games, you can earn extra money if you often fly planes. Many games support dynamic animations and compelling storylines that keep slot players entertained. In the future, players will be able to connect all their mobile devices to one screen for a comfortable game.

What we know for sure is that online gaming will be at the forefront of technology in the next century. This is a competitive and profitable business, which is the main attribute of the implementation of any innovation. Over the past years, online games have developed exponentially. It took a century for mechanical slot machines to develop, while the online version is much less.

Imagine the combination of a hologram and an interactive plot of a slot game, and you can imagine a future where you are a hobbit who went into the dungeon to the dragon. Defeat him and all his gold will be your jackpot! Alternatively, you can spend the weekend taking a virtual tour of the world’s best casino, spend time playing slots with a virtual friend or even a celebrity, and see which one of you can win the big prize.


The online gaming industry has seen a lot of progress over the past year, and slots have played a big part in that. The most promising are games designed specifically for smartwatches, which have taken the industry by storm for a number of reasons.

Many believe that the future of online slot machines lies in smartwatches. These small devices are able to offer players a whole world of convenience, including access to games almost anywhere day or night. The fact that players can easily access any games with such a compact and simple device means that this watch is very likely to be a big breakthrough for online slots. Check out the most popular smartwatches for playing online slots below.

Apple Watch

Apple has always been good at creating easy-to-use products on the edge of art. Apple Watch runs on iOS, which remains one of the most reliable operating systems ever developed. In other words, players won’t have to worry about online slots not running as smoothly as they’d like on their smartwatches. Most, if not all, games will function as if they were made specifically for this device.

Samsung Watch

The Samsung watch is one of the most popular wearable gadgets. Whether players prefer to play online slots with a specific theme or perhaps simpler ones such as numbers or fruits on the reel, they will not be disappointed when playing their favorite games on such a device. To a large extent, this is due to the fact that Samsung SmartWatches have excellent graphics, which will only enhance your experience of playing online slots.

With the incredible popularity that the smartwatch has managed to acquire in the last year on average, online slots simply must be available for their enjoyment on these modern technology devices. Considering the huge number of games already available for these platforms, it is likely that their number will continue to grow. The smartwatch functions optimally and provides players with hours of pleasure and entertainment, being compactly located on the wrist of its owner. Play online slots on your smartwatch today and see for yourself.

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