Is It Illegal For Malaysians To Play Online Casino

Gambling is prohibited in Malaysia except for playing in the Genting Casino in Genting Highland. However, modern Malaysians are seen playing betting and gambling games at most offshore casinos. A few gambling bet types like horse races, lotteries, and land-based casino gaming are legal in the country. But, sportsbook betting is prohibited and an offence. However, the Malaysian youth resort to online sportsbooks provided by licensed and certified offshore gambling platforms.

Gambling and betting in Malaysia are only legal if authorities like the Betting Control Unit (Unit Kawalan Perjudian) and the Ministry of Finance permit the casinos to provide services. Only six privately owned lotteries are legalized in Malaysia, but there are reforms in the current online casino laws that are looking forward to legalizing online gambling.

However, offshore sports betting Malaysia still operates in the country. With technological advancements and the provision of casino and eSports games through mobile apps, online betting has become easier for Malaysians. Many licensed offshore casino platforms render football betting gameplay with bonus packages available in RM or the Malaysian currency.

Betting And Gambling Becoming Easier For Malaysians

The onset of the year 2022 has seen drastic changes across the globe. Most Asian countries even saw a rise in online casino Malaysia betting and gambling activities with people stuck at home. Most revenues came from these online casino sites. It proved great entertainment for the people.

Players need to keep an eye on the licensing and certification information of the website they are playing on. You must read the reviews, especially by Malaysian players. Of course, you will never want someone to run off with your money and winnings. International casino platforms are recognised and licensed by top-notch authorities like Curacao, UK Gambling Authority, Malta Gaming Authority, and much more. You can gamble with the casino platform based in a friendly nation. It will provide you with a sigh of relief as many Malaysians and Asian players prefer that.

You can choose to play casino games, poker games, fishing games, eSports, and other types of table games at Maxim88. They bring forth the games from brands like Mega888 and provide various promotion packages. You can also level up through their VIP program and receive loyalty points. The best thing is you can play on the move as they have a casino app for Android and iOS devices.

Current Scenario Of Online Casino Gameplay And Betting

Online casinos and betting have increased in popularity in Malaysia and other Asian nations in the last few years. A statement was given for the Common Gaming Houses Act, 1953 by then Home Minister of Malaysia Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s government to amend the gambling laws. However, there is nothing done in the respective area to legalize online gambling in the country. But, players are still opting to play online casino games in the country, especially football.

A few Ministers kept forth the verdict to tax gambling activities rather than prohibiting them completely. The recent initiative taken by the Malaysian government to legalize online gambling is to sign the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) with PAGCOR, or Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, to legally operate in Malaysia for 10 years. It is the first offshore license provided to a Corporation. However, the condition is that the casinos will only accept non-Muslim players, and almost 30% of their online workforce should be Malaysians. This is when the PAGCOR is operating from the country.

There were many predicaments signed and amendments made until now to legalize online casino platforms. As no concrete conclusion was reached, players continue playing on different licensed casino platforms.

Can Assets Of Players Get Attach?

When the players start playing at any of the online casinos, they make deposits and get withdrawals in their private bank accounts. According to the law, the Malaysian government is prohibited from touching the assets or money deposited by the Malay people. The bank account is not a form of property that the government can forfeit, so players’ assets are not attached even if they gamble.

The bank accounts are known as the ‘virtual storage’ facility of Malaysians. The bank account’s sole purpose is to manage the financial relationship between the customer and the bank. Only a person’s bank accounts are seized in case of any unlawful or criminal activity.

Online Casino Games And eSports: Present Status Of Online Gaming In The Country

Many loopholes exist in legality issues related to playing online casino games in Malaysia. The Government Authorities provide no specific rules, and no special amendments are made. Until now, there is no taxation on the income earned through gambling.

Most local players stay away from betting big on eSports or casino games. They play with minimum bets, and a few see it as a hobby to entertain and kill their free time. Most offshore sites welcome Asian players and Malaysian players, too, to play with bigger bets. They provide deposits and withdrawals in Malaysian Ringgit, the official currency of Malaysia.

So, it can be very well said that the present status of eSports and online casino games is not particularly defined. A few people play games or bet for fun, and others want to make a good winning that will come into their bank accounts. The Malaysian law for gambling does not apply to offshore casinos, so it’s a win-win situation for the players.


Yes, playing online casino games until now is illegal in the country, especially for Muslim players. But, no pre-defined laws or amendments in place have made online gambling illegal until now. Many players can be seen betting, playing online casino games, and earning a good amount of money. These offshore casinos allow players above the age of 18 years, so there is no problem. They are licensed and regulated by the top-notch overseas gambling authorities.

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