Kucoin Team Battle -Win Thousands Of Dollars

Kucoin Team Battle -Win Thousands Of Dollars

The services on the KuCoin platform make it separate and more successful among the different crypto exchanges. KuCoin has also been declared the biggest Altcoin exchange due to its platform’s huge range of Altcoins. Various offers and promotions are always going on the KuCoin platform to maximize users’ benefits. These offers include affiliate programs, lending money pools, KuCoin team battles, and other promotions. In this article, we discuss how the KuCoin Team Battle helps you to Win Thousands of Dollars.

KuCoin Future Team Battle

This team battle allows KuCoin users to create or join a team to accumulate team trading volume and share a high prize of a 1 million USDT pool. There are also other prizes, including team bonuses, airdrops, and other gifts.

Way Of Participation

The way of joining is very simple. People visit the KuCoin website and start creating a team or joining other teams. If you create your new team, you must invite more people to your pool to reach the maximum revenue. This revenue leads you to win this competition and enjoy the high reward. The trading volume should be increased in future trading via a huge group of participants. KuCoin conducts this battle to support a crypto market and play the utmost role in its growth. To win this competition, your pool should trade any pair present in future trading, including BTC/USDT, BNB/USDT, etc.

Prizes Offer In Kucoin Team Battle

By joining the team battle, the top spot winner gets 20000 USDT in the prize. 2nd spot winner gets 10,000 USDT, while the 3rd rank pool gets 60000 USDT as a reward. The group of people ranked between 4 to 20 received 3000 USDT. Similarly, 11 to 50 rank groups got 500 USDT in the prize. This kind of promotion from KuCoin attracts more people to the crypto industry, and many make good money from it. Newcomers in the future also receive the reward of an airdrop bonus worth 5 to 100 USDT. Also, random people select by KuCoin in this battle and sent airdrop after the battle.

Team Leader And Invitee Bonuses

If someone invites you from your referral link, which may be your friend or family member, they receive a 40% commission from the reward, and the invited member gets a 500 USDT discounted coupon. Also, the top 10 users team leader invites received a card as a reward. These cards double their final reward.


KuCoin lists new coins on its platform to open more options for traders. For trading, many powerful coins like BTC, ETH, TRX, IGO, etc., are listed on KuCoin. KuCoin also guarantees different security measures to protect its user’s wallets from any cyber-attacks. Investors keep their assets with full confidence on the KuCoin platform for the long term because they know about the Safeguard program and other precautions of KuCoin related to safety. We also discussed the KuCoin Battle Program as the best way to earn a handsome amount of money and support the growth of cryptocurrency.

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