Coliving – a New and Convenient Type of Housing?

In some large cities, the problem of housing is quite serious. Many people are looking for housing, but are faced with expensive rent and utilities. Therefore, for such cases, there are colivings that resemble common housing New York.

These are the same apartments in a residential building, but in this case there are some features that attract tenants.

Is Coliving a Replacement for an Apartment?

Today, coliving makes it possible to change the conservative type of housing for a more modern one, taking into account the modern requirements of society. But we must understand that this type of real estate appeared only due to the fact that young people began to earn steadily. The development of this type of real estate depends both on the cost of renting housing and on the level of salaries.

Renting such housing can be a little more expensive than renting a regular one-room apartment, but taking into account additional services, it will be cheaper than in a hotel.

At the same time, it is impossible to say with certainty that all coliving houses are more expensive than apartments. It depends on many factors:

  • locations;
  • infrastructure;
  • offered service.

In some ways, coliving is similar to apart-hotels, but in the latter case, you can buy a unit and live in it, or rent it out. Apart-hotels also have some social functions, but they are minimal. And besides, in apart-hotels you can’t choose your neighbors and surroundings, unlike coliving, where neighbors are selected according to their interests.

There are coliving places where you rent something like a small room that has a dining area for breakfast, for example, but you can go to the cafe on the ground floor for dinner. Or those where you rent a room in a single block, in which there is a shared kitchen for several residents.

Is That the Future?

Already today it is possible to predict the appearance in the near future of package offers, including in addition to the use of the already familiar services and accommodation in coliving. Corporations that create ecosystems and combine the services necessary for life, work, recreation, and movement around the city will definitely benefit. And the flagships here will still be not developers, but advanced specialists. They will form such an ecosystem and create a single platform that allows them to select people to create an ideal coliving community.

It is impossible to say exactly what will be preferred. Both rental housing and coliving will be popular because everyone creates the surrounding space that is comfortable and understandable for him. Therefore, coliving may become even more popular, as in the future the demand for networking and creating a friendly atmosphere between people will only increase.

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