Can You Use Polynomial In Your Everyday Life

If you think that a polynomial is complicated, you need to think about it again. If you consider experts then it is just an algebraic expression following a variety of terms. Here, it needs to mention that polynomials could truly have more than 1 term only. Each term comes up with the variable term. It could be about the number or a sort of combination of variables and numbers.

You may not believe that some people go with this formula every day without even considering that they use it. Moreover, people who love math use it a bit consciously. Here, we are going to mention more about it in a detailed manner.

  • Polynomial Arithmetic –

Here, it needs to be mentioned that polynomials are quite easy to work with if you want to express them in the simplest form. You may subtract, add or multiply as you do with the number. But here you need to do it with one caveat. You can either add or minus oriented terms.

  • How People Use Polynomials –

Most career professionals use polynomials. But mostly this method is used to do complex calculations. An engineer designing probably be using this theory to model the curves while designing a roller coaster. A civil engineer gets help from this method to design excellent roads and other structures.

Here, it needs to mention that this tool is indeed important for describing as well as predicting the traffic pattern so perfectly so that measures could be controlled thoroughly including traffic lights.  Someone has rightly said that mathematical terms including factoring quadratic equations become interesting to learn when it is connected to real-life examples. All you need to do is go a bit creative so that you can get the most out of them in your everyday life.

You may be surprised to learn that economists also prefer polynomials to create sophisticated economic growth patterns. Medical researchers also use them so that patterns of bacteria colonies could be understood and defined. It could be said that many professionals use this to make the calculation easier and faster for them indeed.

It may surprise you knowing that a Taxi driver can also get benefitted using this formula. For example, a driver wants to understand how many miles he has covered to make $100. If the charge is $1.50 for a mile then the driver would be getting half of it. Following the polynomial form, it would be written as ½(1.50)x. It means it would be $100 and x would be 133.33 miles if it is solved.

  • Polynomial While Shopping –

It may sound a bit bizarre but true. You might have used polynomial identities in your head while shopping. Let’s understand it with an example. While doing grocery shopping, you probably want to understand how much 3 pounds of flour is. 2 dozen eggs, and 3 quarts of milk price. Before going ahead and checking the price, it would be better to go ahead and make a simple polynomial.

You may choose “f” to represent the flour cost. Next, you can choose “e” to find out the price of 1 dozen eggs. Choose “m” for denoting the cost of quart milk. To put it in simple words, it would be like 3f+2e+3m.  It means now you are having the basic algebraic expression. You will have to pay $26.02 if the cost of flour is 3($4.49), eggs is 2($3.59) and milk is 3($1.79) a quart including tax.

Does it sound great that it can work so interestingly? The more you use mathematics in your real life, the smarter you will get indexed.

Conclusion –

We hope that you might have got a lot after going with the above-mentioned points. You might have got that why it is important to make Maths connect with your everyday life. It will not only make you smart but fast at calculation too.

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