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It is crucial to get a VPN service if you use your PC regularly. It comes in handy in several areas, such a protecting your network connection and preventing attacks by malware such as viruses. Additionally, they help beat geo-restrictions.

One of the best VPN for Windows PCs you can get is iTop. It is an excellent service that you can sample for free. When picking a suitable VPN for your device, you should consider the features and resources it has.

So what does iTop VPN have to offer? Stick on as we take an in-depth look at this program to answer this question.

It Is a Free Service

A standout feature about iTop is that you can access its services free of charge. It is not that easy to come across a free VPN service, but iTop does away with this notion. You can use the free version to check out its other resources.

Once satisfied with it, you may upgrade to the paid versions, which will offer you more features and enhance the product’s efficiency.

The Program’s Versatility

Typically, iTop is a VPN for Windows; it works with older and newer versions of this operating platform. That’s not all; it also works with Mac OS and mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. In short, you can use iTop VPN on any device you have for safe browsing.

This VPN’s versatility is the areas you can use it. Primarily, we use VPN services for browsing to help us view websites safely, regardless of our locations. With iTop, you can use it for work, gaming, streaming, and socializing. In all areas of functionality, you will appreciate its functionality.

Reasonable Premium Plans

As earlier hinted, if you want to unlock more features of this VPN service, you opt for the premium plans. There are three subscription plans to pick from, categorized into the duration of pay and service. Here, you have the one-month, 6-month, and annual packages.

You pay $11.99, $6.99, and $2.99, respectively, for the packages. The annual plan offers you the best value. Besides this plan being cheap, you also get a one-year discount, translating to an 80% discount.

Program Safety

This free VPN service provider is very safe and guarantees the safety of your info from unauthorized parties. It sports a robust architecture, boosting its efficiency against hackers and viruses.


In case of any problem when using ITop VPN, feel free to reach out to the customer support center. The support team is available round the clock and accessible via social media handles and email. There is also the option of escalating the problem by sending an e-ticket to the admins.

Get iTop VPN for Your Device

ITop VPN is a reliable tool that you should have for your PC. The good news is that it also works with mobile phone operating systems. After looking at its resources and features, you understand why it ranks top among VPN providers.

It is a light program, meaning it does not need much of your device’s space. With it, you are sure of safe browsing.

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