Efficient Data Recovery: MyRecover Full Experience

It can be frustrating if you accidentally delete a file or it just disappears. In addition, some people experience more serious problems, such as system crashes, and have no idea how to recover lost files. However, the right data recovery software can often help you without a backup, and that’s exactly what MyRecover promises.

MyRecover is an application designed for users with data recovery needs. Users can be business owners, consumers, or even IT professionals. It has several impressive features and powerful customization options. In this MyRecover review, we’ll take an in-depth look at all of its features and test the efficiency with which MyRecover recovers files.

What Is MyRecover?

MyRecover is a professional and secure Windows file recovery software. It can recover any data on your computer: files, videos, audios, pictures, emails, etc. Advanced scanning algorithms help you find deleted and lost data thoroughly. Also, it’s easy to use and can quickly recover data in just 3 steps.

User interface

The MyRecover interface is relatively easy to use. During use, the application finds all the recoverable files on your computer and presents them to you so you can sort them in a simple list; you can then select the files you want to recover.


To test the performance of MyRecover, we used it to perform a quick and deep scan of a 100GB hard drive. The full scan process took just over 4 minutes, which is faster than many Windows recovery software we’ve tested.

If you want faster results, MyRecover allows you to quickly filter and preview different types of files. The larger the drive, the longer the MyRecover operation takes.


How successful is MyRecover in helping with data recovery? We hope to provide the answers in this MyRecover review. In our tests, we successfully recovered all deleted files across different file types, including Word documents, photos, and videos.

MyRecover also found other files that had been deleted long before the test. It supports over 200 file types and really delivers on its promise. You can trust this software to recover most everyday projects.

Customer Support

Its support center offers an FAQ section that provides information on the basic data recovery process. There is also an online manual on how to use MyRecover effectively to recover lost or deleted files. Additionally, you can contact them via email if you have technical issues while using the app.

MyRecover: Testing Conditions, Procedures, and Results

In order to fully evaluate the effectiveness of MyRecover, first, we download and install MyRecover from its official website. Secondly, we conduct file recovery testing in common data loss scenarios such as accidental deletion.

Test conditions: We deleted some Microsoft Office documents, JPGs, PNG images, MP4/ MOV videos, and MP3 audio on the hard drive. Then, empty the desktop Recycle Bin.

Test procedures:

We ran MyRecover on the PC and in the PC Recovery interface hovered over the hard drive where the deleted files were stored. Here, we chose C while testing the application. Click Scan.

MyRecover automatically runs Quick scan and Deep scan. After the folder tree is shown, the filtering and preview functions can help us quickly search for files to be recovered based on file name, file type, path, size, date, and other options.

Once we have found the required files such as MP4 videos, we just need to click on the Recover x files button. It then asked us to choose a new location to save the file.

Next, we navigate to the folder where the MP4 videos are stored and check if it is fully recoverable. We found that the video was successfully recovered and intact.

Test results:

Our tests show that MyRecover can effectively recover deleted files with a high success rate. In addition to losses caused by accidental deletion, data from formatted disks/lost partitions can also be successfully recovered. What’s more, it supports recover data when PC won’t boot due to system crashes.


MyRecover shows high performance in basic data recovery situations such as accidental deletion, disk formatting, and system crashes. These findings indicate that MyRecover is a reliable and easy-to-use option for typical data recovery requirements, even for complex recovery tasks.


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