Where to Find The Best Bath Neck Pillows for Tub

When you’re taking a bath, the last thing you want to worry about is being unable to relax fully. One of the best ways of being able to relax is using a bath pillow. And if you’re going to buy a bath pillow, why not get one with all the features you want and need? A neck pillow is one of the best features bath pillows can have to help encourage you to relax completely.

Bath Pillow Neck Support Types

  • No neck support. These bath pillows are simply the worst. The manufacturers didn’t care enough about their customers to even try. Good luck trying to relax when you can’t even put your head back without it being against the cold, hard tub.
  • Flat neck pillows. While a step up from no neck support, these aren’t ideal because they aren’t ergonomic and supportive as they could be. Often these are designed to support the just head, but not the neck, which can get sore while trying to soak the day’s stresses away.
  • Built-in neck pillow. Bath pillows with this feature are starting to become OK, but not as good as they can be if they put some more effort into the design. Where the built-in neck bath pillow falls flat is that it can’t be adjusted separately from the rest of the pillow, it’s just “there.”
  • Ergonomic neck roll. This type of neck support is premium because you can adjust it separately. By having a separate ergonomic “neck roll,” you can lean back against it. The purpose of the neck roll is to support your head’s weight without worrying about it pinching nerves or getting a sore neck because you position it incorrectly.

Why is neck support vital for a bath pillow?

Your head is essentially the weight of a bowling ball; its support (the spine) is a stick, maybe as thick as your thumb, held in place by the neck’s muscles and ligaments—no wonder your neck can get sore so quickly. The last thing you want to do when taking a relaxing bath is to support your head. That’s where the best bath neck pillows for [the] tub comes in!

Everlasting Comfort’s Neck Bath Pillows

Amazon sells Everlasting Comfort’s best neck pillows for [the] tub. In addition to their fantastic neck rolls that help you relax:

  • Super-strong suction cups hold the Everlasting Comfort Neck Bath pillows in place. Just make sure you wash the tub’s surface before applying to ensure proper adhesion. When done with the bath, pull the bath pillow gently, and it’ll come off.
  • The Everlasting Comfort Neck Bath Pillows are ergonomically designed to help you relax more fully. Above and beyond the attached adjustable “neck roll” pillow, the pillow itself is wedge-shaped to assist in ergonomically molding itself to your body.
  • It is designed to get wet and is made of ultra-luxurious memory foam. The Everlasting Comfort Neck Bath Pillows are covered with a quick drying mesh that inhibits mold and mildew.
  • The Everlasting Comfort Neck Bath Pillow is easy to clean because it’s machine washable. When done with your bath, remove it from the tub, and throw it in the washing machine on the spin cycle, allowing it to drip dry over the tub or a sink after it’s done. When washing the bath pillow, use a gentle laundry detergent. Do not throw the bath pillow in the drier.
  • It comes with a side pocket to store your bath essentials. Don’t worry about needing to grab your soap or a razor with the Everlasting Comfort Neck Bath Pillow; anything you need is right within your reach!
  • The Everlasting Comfort Neck Bath Pillow comes with a built-in hanger for when you’re done with it. If it didn’t get that wet, just wring it out and hanging it to dry.
  • It comes with a free loofah to help aid in your bathing experience.
  • Due to its design, the Everlasting Comfort Neck bath Pillow fits all types of tubs.

Are you interested in purchasing the Everlasting Comfort Neck Bath Pillow?

Everlasting Comfort’s Bath Neck Pillows have a 4.6 out of 5-star reviews on both Amazon and their website.

If you’re interested in buying the Everlasting Comfort Bath Neck Pillow, you can find them on the Everlasting Comfort website. Call the Everlasting Comfort friendly sales team at their order line Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST at (737) 270-7661 or purchase it directly from their bath pillow sub-website. While you’re there, make sure to check out the other products they have for sale.

Amazon also sells them. Both offer free shipping and handling. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $ 35.95; however, you can get it for $29.95, a 17% discount. If you’re on Amazon, you can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, prepaid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express cards. You also may pay with your Amazon “Store,” Amazon Secured, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB, NYCE, and Star Cards.

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