What is Vedic Astrology Know All About It

What is Vedic Astrology : Know All About It

Vedic astrology is a Sanskrit word known as jyotiṣa, whose literal meaning is the light / illuminated heavenly body. Its originality seems to appear in the Rigveda, an ancient Indian text.

Vedic astrology mostly revolves around seeing the positions of the planets on the birth chart and reading the constellations accordingly for the benefit of people.

Jyotisha/ Vedic Astrology is also believed to have strong connections with old myths of Indian culture and its rich spiritual Tradition.

Earlier, Jyotisha was used to determine pure and sacred dates to perform rituals and sacrifices. But later, it was adopted in fortune-telling; by looking into your palm lines and positions of your planets in the birth charts, astrologers could calculate a rough prediction of your life ahead.Beyond predictions, some individuals turn to Jyotisha and other spiritual practices for a deeper connection and spiritual growth, seeking guidance and insight to navigate their life’s journey with a sense of purpose and inner fulfillment.

In this time of Crisis of covid-19 situation, you cannot go out in public and still want to know what the future holds for you. Don’t worry because nowadays it is even easier to know about your readings. It just surfs the internet and can get in touch with  Online astrology consultation or online astrologer or can also have an online chat with astrologer to find out what is in your fate just by sitting at home.

Difference between Vedic and Western Astrology

Unlike Western astrology, Vedic astrology specifies your zodiac sign depending upon the placement of planets and constellations when you were born. In contrast, Western astrology tells your zodiac based upon the month and the date you were born.

Vedic astrology speaks more about your karma and Dharma. In this modern world where Western astrology has just become a physiological, material-oriented reading, Vedic astrology still tends to believe in karma and Dharma of people should stay above all.

If you ask an ‘Astrologer in India’, who practices Jyotish about the meaning of your life, they will surely help you out with the reading and understanding of the constellation. What is the actual purpose of your life and your Dharma of life?

Vedic astrology considered and accepted the rising zodiac sign over the sun zodiac sign. The belief that a birth time and place of a person is unique and can say much more details about a person’s characteristics Unlike the Western astrology, which has its zodiacs based on the sunshine and is described by the months that you are born, showing that you have similarities with others who were born in the same month without giving specific and personal details about your characteristics.

Effects of Planets

According to Vedic astrology, planets have a major part in our day-to-day life; according to this Jyotisha, every planet is related to our major organs and nervous system. They say the planet rules over our body parts. They have a Separate Form of readings to explain how the planets and our bodies are interconnected and impact our health and today’s life. Vedic astrology says that we draw energy from the sun and the moon because we generally tend to feel tired in the time of a solar and lunar eclipse. In the times of full moon and New Moon, it happens that our being and characters get exaggerated.


Vedic Astrology is the oldest form of calculations ever seen; this form of astrology believes in stuff like Fortune-telling by reading hands and calculating the position of planets. Jyotish also deals with solving your problems when it seems that your planets are not in the right place to give you a better life and something is stopping you from achieving the best they try to solve this problem by asking you to to perform some religious rituals, or by assigning you some certain stones and crystals in Jyotisha, it is believed that every crystal and stones are a signed to solve some problem in your life by wearing which you can easily get off the problems you have. This part of astrology or Vedic astrology Is one of its kind; they have a different calendar, which It’s different calculations which is not the same as with the rest of the world.

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