What is the Importance of Testosterone Hormone for Men and Women?

In the life of a man, testosterone plays important roles on their body’s proper functioning. In the case of a male fetus, testosterone helps in the development of internal and external organs such as the testicles and the penis. During the stage of puberty, testosterone is the one responsible on the growth of the pubic hair as well as on other areas like in underarms and face. This also affects the tone of voice in men and contributes in growth spurts.

Aside from the effects of testosterone in the physical appearance of men, it also has an effect to their behavior. It can make them more aggressive and improves their sexual drive. Obviously, testosterone is need for the reproduction of sperm which is necessarily important in conception.

In women, knowing that they also produce testosterone yet in lower levels, this also has an effect to their sexual drive. The presence of the hormone is essential during a woman’s menstrual period.

The presence of testosterone hormone for men and women helps the body reproduce red blood cells and can also improve bone density, as well as muscles strength and the distribution of fats in the body. It only shows that testosterone is not only needed by men but also women for them to attain overall health. In this case, they have to maintain the right amount of testosterone that the body reproduces.

Lower Testosterone Level in Men

With the fact that testosterone is the male hormone, it only means that if there is insufficient amount of testosterone, men are the ones who are greatly affected and will suffer from serious effects. If the level of this hormone is below or above the average level, then it is considered unhealthy. Lower testosterone in men makes their body weak. In fact, they also lose their drive in sex which makes testosterone important in men’s sexual life.

Their muscle mass will also decline and they easily get irritated. It is hard for men to achieve erection when having sex if there they lack testosterone. For sure you would not want that experience because it will not only make you feel unsatisfied but you will cause disappointments to your partner that might ruin your relationship in the long run.

Knowing that testosterone also strengthen the bones, lower level of this hormone might lead to osteoporosis. In fact, athletes with lower testosterone have a greater chance of getting injured. The effects of insufficient amount of testosterone are serious, which is why immediate actions should be done.

Low Testosterone Level in Women

For women, testosterone level is at its peak when they reach the age of 20 and will eventually decline. In fact, during the menopausal stage of women, their testosterone level is half of the normal. It is because the adrenal gland hardly reproduces testosterone during the menauposal period. After the menauposal stage, a woman’s body will still produce testosterone but not progesterone and estrogen.

Women who have lower testosterone level than what is said to be normal can also affect their body’s functioning. This can result to the following.

  • infertility
  • lower sex drive
  • irregularity in menstrual period

This might be caused by old age, ovarian disease or when a woman is taking oral contraceptives.

How to Achieve the Average Level of Testosterone in the Body

The level of testosterone for men and women should be maintained at an average level. It should not be insufficient or too much than what the body requires because this can lead to unwanted symptoms that will not only affect the way you do your everyday activities but it can also put your health at risk. You will surely look for a remedy to resolve the situation. The good news is that you can possibly undergo a testosterone replacement therapy if you need to supply your body with testosterone. A doctor might require you to use topical, patches, implants, or injections to achieve a balanced level of testosterone.

Yet, not all men are qualified to undergo the therapy which is why you have to consult your doctor first. Men who have prostate cancer should not consider the therapy because it might cause complication if they are suffering from heart, liver, and kidney disease.

It is advisable that men should check their testosterone level every five years to know if it is still balanced or not. When men reach the age of 35, they should have their testosterone level checked. If the testosterone level is low, testosterone therapy is advised however this requires proper monitoring to be assured that the level will not exceed from the average level. Looking for the Best Testosterone Supplements? TestRX is the best place to look. TestRX Testosterone Booster helps to increase your testosterone levels and build muscle. If you want to know about the TestRX benefits, then you can visit its official website.

In the case of women who also lack testosterone, they can also consider the testosterone therapy or take a medication known as the estratest that doctors usually prescribed. It contains testosterone as well as estrogen that women need during their post-menopausal stage.

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