What are CVD Diamonds

Most men and women prefer diamonds for wearing ornaments. Since natural diamonds are costly, most prefer to buy lab-grown diamonds, which are more affordable. Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured using different processes, such as CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) and HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature). Although, many people do not have much clarity about CVD diamonds. But when it comes to affordable and environment-friendly diamonds, CVD diamonds can be the best choice.

Read on to learn what CVD diamonds are and how they differ from natural diamonds.

What are CVD diamonds?

CVD Diamonds are the best lab-created diamonds. CVD stands for chemical vapour deposition, one of the methods of manufacturing lab-grown diamonds.

These lab-grown diamonds are also known by other names such as engineered diamonds, cultured diamonds etc. One cannot differentiate between artificial and natural diamonds because they look identical, but their origins make them different. Moreover, natural and cultured diamonds’ chemical and physical properties are the same. The technology used in creating manufacturing diamonds is called cutting-edge technology.

One of the processes of making lab-grown diamonds is CVD or chemical vapour deposition; another process used in creating lab-grown diamonds is high pressure and temperature.

The cost of CVD diamonds ranges between $9k to $19 K.

What are the significant differences between CVD diamonds and natural diamonds?

There are many justifications and contradictions regarding CVD diamonds or Lab-grown diamonds vs real diamonds. The following points state the differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds.

  1. Diamonds made up of the CVD technique do not contain impurities or dirt. Also, they have very few tensions and structural flaws.
  2. CVD diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds, and people prefer to choose lab-grown diamonds made of the CVD technique.
  3. The best part about CVD diamonds is that there more fashionable and attractive than natural diamonds. DVD diamonds are available with various cuts and settings, making them more attractive and stylish.
  4. A chemical vapour deposition technique manufactures CVD diamonds. Hence, They are entirely environmentally friendly, but natural diamonds are obtained from mining and are harmful to the environment.
  5. CVD diamonds are available in various colours, which makes them attractive, but it is not possible in the case of natural diamonds.

What makes www.RareCarat.com one of the leading companies in the industry?

The Rare Carat company is famous for providing one of the top-quality diamonds in the industry. Also, they were recognised by prominent media groups such as USA Today, CNBC, New York Times, but Forbes introduced them to the industry in 2016. Moreover, The New York Times gave the company a tag called “the secret to buying a diamond”.

The customers are also delighted with the service provided by the company. This is because they get all the details about diamond manufacturing, which help them to find the best place to buy lab-grown diamonds for cheap in the market. The major attraction for women is that this company provides beautiful engagement rings.

How to find one of the best deals provided by  www.RareCarat.com?

The website of the rare carat company is customer friendly as it provides various selections and options for the customers regarding Rare Carat Lab Grown Diamonds. Also, it helps customers to find the most incredible diamonds. The best part about the website is that it allows you to set up a budget and find diamonds accordingly. This feature will save time and energy in finding the best diamonds in your range.

This website’s features are that they provide a ring we were tool which helps the customers to visualise different shapes of a ring on the finger. The shapes are suggested by an algorithm which indicates the choice of the majority of clients.

The rare carat company also provides a rare carat report, the same as the GIA report. This report analyses The Diamond based on four seasons: colour, carat, cut and clarity. This gives quality checks of the diamonds and helps the customers know the diamonds’ actual properties.


It is a fact that to buy natural diamonds, people need to wait for longer and save money. But with the invention of synthetic diamonds or lab-created diamonds, people need not wait long, and diamond has become affordable. www.RareCarat.com provides some of the best CVD diamonds in the market and has impacted the entire jewellery industry.

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