Use Online Payment As The Safer Option

As many know by now, credit cards are not the safest way to spend money online. Many stores have been compromised as a result of cyber-attack. There are many risks like Mage Cart attacks that make them unsafe to use for security. We shall have a peek view of ways to pay online that are safer and more efficient than using your credit card.


Most people have actually used Shopify, so they are knowledgeable about Shop Pay. The company has a built-in payment system that protects your credit card when you order with people who already use Shopify. Shopify logo will usually be displayed in the stores that accept this kind of payment. Shop app was created by Shopify to bring independent purchasers in one efficient and useful app. If you use or intend to use the Shop app, know that your information is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone. Your information is protected and intact, and this is important as you do not have to worry about your stored data being stolen.

Wondering What are virtual cards? Virtual cards are a form of digital card, which is a form of business card. They exist only in digital form and they can be shared over social media or sent as an email attachment.

Split payments are another unique feature found in this app. There is an option to split your total into four interest-free installments. This information is available with select shop merchants. The shop pay logo can be found almost everywhere. Save your shipping and payment information by using shop pay. It is very secure.

Once you choose to use Shop Pay as your way of payment, then go to the order review page and click AUTHORIZE PURCHASE. Once you receive a six-digit verification code via text on your cell phone, enter the code to approve your operation. Upon returning to the store again, you will only need to log in with your account. Your verification will not be required. 


If you have ever heard of middlemen in a business deal, you will get this quickly. PayPal acts as the middle man between you and the trader. It’s easy; all you have to do is to get into PayPal’s website, connect your bank account, your debit or credit card, and transfer your cash in a matter of a few minutes. Your personal details are secure because the PayPal website and app are encrypted and protected. Once you make a payment, it goes to PayPal first and the recipients. 

Should this be your choice of payment, then you can visit Once you are done creating an account, follow the setup order of the steps given. On the site login page, type the user name and password, and your order will be complete. Your payment will be withdrawn from your PayPal account or connected bank. You could also choose to add money to your PayPal account by depositing cash in selected stores that use the app.


Even though it sounds similar prepaid cards are completely different from credit and debit cards. Why do we call them the safest ones among options? Because there are no bank accounts linked to prepaid cards. All the money available is stored directly on a card, and even if being stolen, the card won’t give a criminal a chance to get his hands on your full budget. So you can use it without fear to expose your personal banking data. 

The only drawback to this option is that it’s not so widespread. But the situation is changing rapidly. More and more businesses get acquainted with this payment option. As of now, even the biggest online casinos started to accept money this way. If you are into this topic, then we suggest visiting our partners ExyCasinos and learning more about gambling and prepaid cards. Anyway, this type of banking will be booming in the nearest future.

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