Unimate Parking Bumpers Use For Road Safety

A parking bumper is an essential traffic tool. It is used as a barrier in parking plots. It protects the car in parking from being stuck into each other due to traffic. Like Street lighting, it also protects a wide range of structures. They are ideal for parking areas such as garages or driveways. The parking bumper stops your vehicle precisely.

Parking bumpers are used throughout the world for several reasons. parking bumpers protect from damage, it makes parking efficient. They are not restricted to a particular area. In different locations, you can install it such as warehouses, factories, upfront shopping malls, airports, or industrial and commercial parking.

If you are looking for parking bumpers to buy. People have trust issues. Are you looking for the best product?  Unimate traffic is a popular industry in the USA. Manufactured best quality traffic tools with a guarantee. Customers are happy with their products. This article provides you with information about the parking bumper by Unimate Traffic.

Best Quality Parking Bumpers

The Unimate Traffic industry provides us with a wide range of best quality products. Parking Bumpers are also manufactured. These products are also available on Unimate’s online store. Let’s discuss the features of high-quality rubber parking curbs in the Unimate Traffic Industry. Features are as follows.

  • It is made of 80 percent virgin rubber and 20 percent Recycled rubber.
  • This material makes it more resistant.
  • It has reflective strips which improve nighttime visibility.
  • Also conforms to the uneven ground.
  • Perfect for any parking area.
  • It will not damage vehicles with low front ends.
  • It has four holes for permanent installation.
  • You can install it on asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Length 6 feet.
  • Hardware for mounting
  • For permanent installation, you can choose hardware.
  • For asphalt surface 14-inch steel Spike
  • For concrete surface 5′ expensive screw.

Role Of Parking Bumpers

Many drivers make parking mistakes. A driver may overrate the size of the parking spot. It protects the vehicle from damage caused by colliding with other cars, buses, and objects. It also improves pedestrian safety by placing parking blocks strategically. You can use the parking bumper in different areas such as visitors’ parking.

Different Types Of Parking Bumpers And Their Uses

Parking Bumpers are also known as parking curbs. Concrete parking bumpers are heavy. This makes them stable. They do a great job of stopping vehicles. Another type of parking bumper is a rubber parking bumper. It is made up of recycled rubber. They are easy to install. Plastic parking bumpers, If they are exposed to the extreme heat they would melt.


Parking Bumpers are an essential traffic tool. They are used to make it easy to follow traffic laws. They are also known as wheel stops. The Unimate Traffic industry is producing traffic tools. Their products are of the best quality. Parking Bumpers are made up of different materials. Concrete parking bumpers are considered best to stop vehicles but they damage the low front ends of cars. This article guides us about parking bumpers.

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