Ultimate Guide to Help You Know Everything about Zorbing

Ultimate Guide to Help You Know Everything about Zorbing

Zorbing is an activity that can be performed well in each season regardless of weather conditions. Previously it was not the activity many people preferred doing, but now the tables have turned. More and more people today are inclined towards enjoying this sport.

The idea of being inside a zorb ball makes a huge proportion of the population attracted towards it. However, people are still unaware of a couple of things that need undivided attention today. Thus, to help you with the same, here is your guide to learning every detail about this fantastic sport.

What Is Zorbing?

Zorbing is an adventurous activity that is performed with the help of a zorb ball. In this activity, the person needs to be inside the said ball. Then the ball descends from an inclined surface. The sport falls under extreme activities because of rolling down of the zorb ball at a rapid rate. In addition, the ball moves downwards on its own, and the passenger inside it has no control over the movement.

Though the extreme nature of this sport has become a cause of worry for many people, there is no possible danger related to this. The zorb ball is specifically designed to ensure no harm is done. You only need to be aware of a couple of factors beforehand, and you will have absolutely no issues engaging in this unique sport.

What Is A Zorb Ball?

Zorb ball is the most significant factor in zorbing. So what else can be more important than the ball you will be inside during such an adventurous sport? It is a transparent ball that contains two layers or, more precisely, two shells. The outer walls are denser, and to ensure optimum security, there are special fastenings to keep you from hurting yourself.

This ball has a volume of 13 to 14 m and can tolerate weight upto 75 to 80 kg. While considering the thickness of the outer shell, it is twice as thick as the inner one. The reason for such a thickness is to ensure that no external element pierces through the layer and causes harm to the rider.

Now that you know what a zorb ball is, it is time you need to consider how zorbing can be beneficial for you.

Pros of Zorbing

  • The first benefit of zorbing is that it reduces the level of damage to a great extent. It is majorly done by the outer shell of the zorb ball. Since the outer layer is pretty thick, the obstacles trying to stab the shell while it is descending cannot damage it to a huge extent. As the rocks or other pointed objects cannot cause significant damage, the zorb ball continues its movement at its own pace.
  • Many people believe that the outer shell of the zorb ball cannot tolerate internal pressure. In case of excessive force, the ball may burst, causing extreme damage. However, it is far from reality. The chances of such an event occurring are pretty low, and even if it were to happen, the zorb ball would not burst. On the other hand, it will stop gradually. The size of the bubble starts decreasing due to the escape of air, which also makes it slow down. Thus, the passenger sitting inside is not harmed at all.
  • If you want to explore this extreme sport in winter, you can do it. This is because the material of the zorb ball can tolerate freezing temperatures like -25°. You do not have to worry about the ball cracking in the winter, and there are absolutely no wrinkles. However, you will have to choose one cold-resistant material to ensure that the zorb ball can withstand such harsh climatic conditions.
  • If you are bored of all the traditional outdoor activities and want to bring a change in that, zorbing can be a perfect choice. As there is no threat to your life and the activity is filled with adventure, you will surely enjoy exploring it.

Is Zorbing The Right Choice For You?

As much as this sport is pretty advantageous and thrilling, it is not the right one for everybody. Especially the people who suffer from health issues like hypertension, cardiovascular, hypotension, etc. For such people, the uncertain movement of the zorb ball can worsen the situation. There are some specific criteria of weight and height to fit in the ball. Unless you fit in that criterion pretty well, you cannot ride on it.


Zorbing is becoming the most preferred sport of many athletes. It will not take long for many people to recognize the fun and enjoyment. You only need to take a couple of precautions before diving into the sport directly, and you will be able to avoid expected events well.

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