Transcribe YouTube Video: A Guide for You 

YouTube is among the richest source of entertainment and information. However, some people will prefer text to make it a better experience. Therefore, most people consider YouTube video transcription a necessary tool.

The good thing about YouTube video transcription is that it can offer a learning experience and better understanding simultaneously. Therefore, it is important to learn how to transcribe YouTube videos.

Are you worried about where to start? Worry less! You don’t have to spend almost the whole day on a word processor or attend transcription classes. Below are simple steps to help you transcribe a YouTube video with ease.

Reason for transcribing a YouTube video

People spend a lot of time, effort and planning to give their YouTube videos the best shot on YouTube. So, adding a transcription is one of the best and first ways of improving your videos through:

  • Increasing video engagement
  • Enhancing your social media followers
  • Helps your SEO
  • Makes your YouTube videos more sharable
  • Develop a worldwide presence

Ways of transcribing a video

Transcription is one of the best ways of creating a caption. YouTube videos will only have the text of the words being said. You can add transcription to your video directly or see the below ways to transcribe a YouTube video.

Using Google voice

You only need to log in, using Google Chrome browser, to Google Docs. Click the “create new documents tab” and move to the top to the “tools.” You will get a drop-down option page; click the “voice typing” option. The words will automatically appear as typed text on the new documents page as you speak.

Therefore, you can play a YouTube video of your choice as Google docs automatically transcribe. There are some setbacks with Google voice accuracy. It is recommended that you check for errors and edit as you continue. You will have your transcript ready for captioning or uploading once you complete the video. It is faster!

Taking advantage of the outside automatic transcription tools

Using an automatic transcription tool is one of the fastest and easiest ways of transcribing a YouTube video. These automatic tools take a video or audio like podcasts and make a transcribed version for you.

There are many automatic transcription tools to choose from. Therefore, select the one that fits your needs depending on your budget. Some tools will need a subscription, while others use per-hour or per-minute rates as a mode of payment. These tools will save you much effort and time since they offer excellent services. For example:

  • Rev
  • Temi
  • Trint

Manual transcription

The transcription process is tiring. However, doing it manually is more accurate and comfortable. You will do away with YouTube ads which are impossible to remove when using an automated transcription service.

Once you are done, you can upload the text using the “English Automatic” feature on YouTube to set the time code or manually caption or add subtitles as the video plays.

Dealing with a professional

Transcription is a hard task and can take most of your time. If you find it hard to use any of the above ways of transcribing a YouTube video, you need to look for a professional transcriber. Also, go for an experience transcriber to get quality service.

Although you have to pay a professional transcriber, they save time and deliver quality work since it is their work. Therefore, you will have enough time to do other things while your video is transcribed.

In a nutshell

There are many benefits that come with video transcription, from helping hearing-impaired people to extracting quotes and phrases from a clip. Transcription on a YouTube video will determine the SEO ranking. Consider a free YouTube video downloader to take advantage of media conversion tools to convert, download, and record video and audio URLs to normal formats.

A video transcription will be useful when you want to add text to the video. Some people choose reading over watching. Therefore, it is essential to offer both contents to address different people’s needs.

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