Top 5 Symptoms of Bad Fuel Injectors

Many times you experience the poor performance of your vehicle and there can be various reasons for it. One of those reasons can be a dirty fuel injector that affects the performance of your car’s engine. Fuel injectors are an important part of an engine and can collect dirt and dust which leads to an air-fuel mixture imbalance for a car. You can look for the fuel injector price from and buy easily as per your car needs. Besides, in this post, we are giving you details regarding fuel injectors, their work, and indications of a bad fuel injector.

# What is Fuel Injector and how does it work?

In a car, fuel filter, pump, and injectors are all interconnected and make sure that the engine gets the correct mixture of air and fuel. Fuel injectors are cylindrical coils of wire that act as magnet carrying an electrical current. This activates pistons very fast as part of the fuel delivery system of an engine. Moreover, generally, a one-cylinder car has one fuel injector and a four-cylinder car is possibly to have about 4 fuel injectors.

The process of working of fuel system is given below :

  1. Gasoline is delivered to the fuel injectors by the fuel pump.
  2. The fuel injector sprays or injects the fuel into the manifold at an exact angle through the nozzles.
  3. The air and fuel mix within the intake manifold.
  4. Then in the combustion chamber, the air-fuel mixture is compressed and ignited the chemical reaction that is needed to power an engine.

# Signs or symptoms of a Bad Fuel Injector :

The engine fuel injectors can collect grime and dirt and when this happens, you may notice poor performance, varying gas mileage over time, and many other issues. So, spotting these signs and then cleaning the fuel injectors can help you in optimizing the performance of an engine in an effective manner. Hence, here we are giving you a list of the top 5 symptoms that tell you that there is something wrong with the fuel injectors.

  1. Misfiring engine –

If the fuel injectors are dirty then they could cause the engine of a vehicle to misfire. They may vibrate your car, create a subtle popping sound, or make a difference in performance. These misfires may happen when a fuel injector problem rises and stops fuel and air from entering the engine. On the other hand, the bigger the engine, there are fewer chances to feel a misfire.

  1. Check engine light on –

Another sign of a bad fuel injector is the engine warning light which you can see on the dashboard. Whenever the fuel injector malfunctions, then it gives a sign to replace the fuel injector and you can see the fuel injector price from boodmo. Furthermore, when the engine delivers too little fuel or too much fuel then the ECU (Engine Control Unit) triggers the warning light.

  1. Idling gets rough –

Do you ever notice that when you are sitting in traffic or at the stop sign your car sputter? Then it may indicate that the fuel injectors are dirty. Normally rough idling is categorized by variable RPMs (Revolutions per Minute) even when the driver has his foot off the pedal. Frequently, rough idling is go along with engine stalling which means a decrease in RPMs suddenly and engine noise sounds like running out of gas on a hill. On the other hand, there may be other reasons also for the rough idle noise such as dirty air filter, bad spark plug but dirty fuel injectors are counted amongst the most common reasons for this.

  1. Fuel Leak –

While driving your car if sometimes you smell gasoline intensely then you may check at fuel leak. The leak occurs when the injector is not properly maintained or damaged.

  1. Car cannot start –

As we know, a car needs gasoline to start but due to a bad fuel injector, it cant. It happens because the fuel injectors are unable to deliver fuel into the cylinders. Hence, when in an engine the ratio of air and fuel is off, then the motor might not produce the combustion which is required to operate. So, if you are unable to start your car then it indicates that fuel injector issues lead to engine failure.

# Final Words :

Fuel injectors are considered to be bad or dirty when the hydrocarbons get together with engine gunk and cause the injectors to become controlled. In case, you want to replace the fuel injectors then you should check for the fuel injector price from boom where you will find them at reasonable rates. Therefore, hopefully after going through this article, you will understand well the symptoms of bad fuel injectors.

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