Top 10 reputable bookies offering free bets in Vietnam

Reputable bookies are evaluated based on many factors. In particular, only true professionals and big bookies are able to offer special promotions allowing their member players to experience the game for free. Then let’s find out together the top 10 most famous and reputable bookies that offer free bet promotions to their members.

Top 10 nhà cái uy tín tặng cược miễn phí ở Việt Nam

Below are the top 10 best bookies in Vietnam. They all offer bet-for-free promotions to their new members. Besides that, they have something else to offer to players, especially new players.

Me88 – New professional bookie in Vietnam

Me88 is a new bookie in Vietnam. However, in the betting world industry, me88 is not an unknown name. In fact, they were famous in many countries in SouthEast Asia before entering Vietnam.

In South East Asia, their headquarters are located in the Philippines. They expand business widely in Malaysia and Singapore, becoming the best bookie in Malaysia.

The best parts of this book are numerous. First, it is the interface of the bookie me88 that gives users a friendly and extremely professional feeling.

Being professional but they still show the Asian identity, which makes players in these regions feel close and warm.

The home page of the me88 bookie supports users in many different languages, from Chinese, Filipino, Malay to English and Vietnamese.


⇒ me88’s review:

BK8 – Asia’s leading bookmaker

New players who come to this bookie and register for accounts will immediately receive 200K to their game account.

This promotion is executed right after completing the account registration steps and logging into the house for the first time. 

The purpose of this 200K free gift program is to give players more opportunities to experience betting on many other games at this betting house.

The game products that are applied for bonuses are sports betting, esports bets, live Casino card games, 3D game, game slots, fish shooting games, etc. 

In addition to the 200K bonus program for new accounts, there are also many other programs that can be worth up to 2,880,000 VND.

Besides enjoying various attractive offers, members of this bookie will experience professional and friendly customer service.

All of this proves to us that BK8 deserves the title of Asia’s leading prestigious bookmaker address.

Sunwin – Outstanding highly rated bookie

Before appearing in the Vietnamese market, this bookie has built a brand name in many markets in Asia.

Currently, the number of players in this online gaming platform in China, Singapore, the Philippines, and Taiwan … is very large.

Take a look at their promotion for new players, we can clearly see that this bookie also offers a free bet program.

When registering for a new account, each member receives 20,000 without asking for the required bet return. However, this offering only lasts once for new players, who are new to the betting house.

For example, the bookie offers 2 million VND for customers who first deposit to their member’s account.

Lixi88 – Bookmakers specializing in lotteries

This bookie offers a rookie gift, worth up to 5,000,000 VNĐ for the first top-up to the account. This program is applicable when a rookie completes 21 betting rounds, which is not too hard or not reasonable.

Moreover, when registering the new account with the bookie, players will receive 50,000 VND right into their account for experience playing for free. This trial is only applicable to new players and is a one-time offer only.

VN88 – Leading bookmaker in Asia and Vietnam

In addition to the two main forms of sports betting and providing online gambling halls, the VN88 online betting site also offers players a variety of card games, lotteries, and other slot games.

When players download the App VN88, they win the prize of 50 VNĐ in cash in their game account. This offer applies once right after downloading the app successfully

RED88 – The most trustworthy bookie

RED88 is the most trustworthy bookie in the market. They also offer thousands of games on their modern platform.

Game types include casino live, sports betting, lotteries, card games, and traditional games in 3D design…

The most famous promotion program is 100% for the first top-up applicable for new players.

Especially, when verifying the account, new players also receive 100K to bet for free.

188Bet – Bookie originated from UK

188Bet is a bookie originating from the UK, that offers a weekly return of 0.76%. This is not a 100% free bet but it nearly is, only offers for new players in the betting house.

It is called the rising star of the world betting market due to a number of weekly support bonuses (up to 5000 points) for all users.

Whoever registers at the bookie platform can win 300K instantly into their game accounts.

Manvip – Leading card games in Vietnam

Experience a great betting game store that will help players have moments of fun and also earn a lot of bonuses.

Besides the live casino, this is also a high-class playground for football fans with a perfect betting platform.

That proves they are the leading prestigious casino in Asia with the latest quality redemption playground.

The extremely luxurious interface of this game portal and the “Daily Attendance” promotion make players unable to refuse.

FABET – Professional sportsbook

They offer new players a 110% bonus for the first deposit after giving away 50K when first registering. The program applies to new players, but for existing players, they also have many programs.

This game portal system follows international standards, therefore, it is able to be called a high-quality international betting system.

Not only being the top quality betting portal in the Vietnam market, but the bookie also offers players a return program, with a 0.5% value in return for casino bet. 

There are hundreds of games in their systems and that is the reason why it is called the most prestigious professional bookie provides online entertainment games

CMD368 – Reputable game portal

CMD368 is a quality bookie and willing to provide the best for its members when it dares to reward 100% for players who make their first deposit.

The program is only available to new members when they first deposit. However, the details of the program are very clear.

That contributes to proving that the house is reputable and safe. Not to mention the bonus value is up to 28,888,000 VND

This is a prestigious Asian football betting house, they have a reputation and are considered a prestigious and high-class game portal for participants.

It can be said that this is a strong betting address after being knocked down many times. This is also an international card game portal that is sought after by many gamblers

If you consider the prestige of this sportsbook, players realize that there are many advantages that bettors should not ignore.

General information about bookies offering free bets

As players, especially new players, we have to take advantage of the betting house giving away – those offers free bets for new members.

What are free bet offers?

More specifically, the new free bet offer is aimed at new players, who have never participated in online betting.

For new players, the bookie will offer free bets in many ways, such as;

  • First registering an account
  • Confirming the phone number or email address in use
  • First deposit, second deposit, third-time deposit
  • First time participating in sports betting
  • First time playing Live Casino…

What are some advantages of the bookmakers offering free bets to players?

Benefit for players

This free-to-bet program actually benefits both players and bookies. It is a win-win program where either side can earn more money or profit.

As for the player, the first advantage is that you will only need to deposit a small amount of money to start.

The betting account with your own money can be saved for later use when players become more familiar with the bookie, the system, and the betting games.

Players’ accounts can quickly increase later since they have more experience. The betting money in the wallet increases the number of 2 or 3 times, with that amount, the player can freely place bets on the odds they like.

With this bonus amount, players can also use it to test bets on games that they have never tried, win, and get more money.

In case they are not lucky and lose the bet, they will lose nothing because it is money given by the betting house anyway.

Benefit for bookies

As for the bookie or bookmaker, the free bet bonus programs are the time for them to prove themselves as a full-fledged bookmaker, able to serve more new customers, and through promotions, there are certainly more people who know about their brand name.

The occasion when the bookie offers free bets is an opportunity for players to determine whether the bookie is reputable and has strong finance. 

It is also the opportunity for the bookie to welcome new players to come and experience the trial play at the bookie. 

More specifically, only the bookie with strong finance will organize many high-value promotions but only after players truly experience, they know about that.

With the free bet program, players are also somehow assured because playing with an address with strong capital does not need to be afraid of being scammed.

Advice for players when joining free bet promotions

For those who are adept in the online betting world, they will know that some promotions are also a challenge. Because when joining the house program of giving away free bets, players need to meet enough wagering revenue.

Therefore, the full amount of the bonus can be withdrawn. However, some bookies give the requirement not a logical amount, which cannot be achieved for new players. 

The amount sometimes is not for everyone, maybe only professional players can. Therefore, we think you need to look carefully into the requirements of the program.

The rest of them are fine, the wagering revenue is like a small challenge. To new players, it is time when you can show your talent and satisfy your desire to conquer.

And as mentioned above, the free bet program is also an opportunity for them to demonstrate bookie’s financial potential to players, and affirm their position and reputation in the market. Through the promotion, more people will know about the brand name for sure. 

Don’t forget the object of the bookie’s free bet 2022 is generally for all those who love online betting, participating in online games to exchange real money. If you are new players in town, please don’t forget to join one of the top 10 bookies above to enjoy the free promotions and a lot of free money.

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