Tiemann Coude Tip Catheter: A Reliable Solution for Patients with Enlarged Prostate

Wellead Medical proudly presents Tiemann Coude Tip Catheters, a premium line of urinary catheters designed to provide effective and comfortable solutions for patients with enlarged prostate, urinary tract obstructions, or strictures. With their unique Tiemann tip, these catheters offer enhanced maneuverability and ease of insertion, ensuring optimal patient comfort and successful outcomes.

Superior Design for Enhanced Prostate Navigation

The Tiemann Coude Tip Catheter stands out due to its slightly curved design, specifically tailored to navigate through an enlarged prostate with ease. This curvature allows for smooth passage, reducing discomfort and potential injury during the catheterization process. Wellead Medical’s commitment to innovative design ensures a quality product that prioritizes patient comfort.

Versatile Material Options for Individual Patient Needs

Wellead Medical recognizes the importance of catering to diverse patient requirements. The Tiemann Coude Tip Catheter is available in a variety of high-quality materials, including latex silcone and PVC. This versatility allows healthcare professionals to choose the most suitable catheter material for each patient, ensuring optimal biocompatibility, durability, and performance.

Indications for Tiemann Coude Tip Catheters

Tiemann Coude Tip Catheters are specifically designed for patients with an enlarged prostate, urinary tract obstructions, or strictures. These conditions can cause significant discomfort and complications in daily life. By utilizing the Tiemann Coude Tip Catheter, healthcare providers can effectively alleviate patients’ symptoms, ensuring improved quality of life and urinary function.


In summary, Wellead Medical‘s Tiemann Coude Tip Catheters offer a reliable and patient-centric solution for individuals with an enlarged prostate, urinary tract obstructions, or strictures. Their unique design, incorporating a slightly curved Tiemann tip, allows for easy navigation through the prostate. With a range of material options available, healthcare professionals can select the most suitable catheter for each patient’s needs. By choosing Wellead Medical’s Tiemann Coude Tip Catheters, healthcare providers can ensure optimal outcomes, enhanced patient comfort, and improved urinary function. Trust Wellead Medical for innovative and high-quality catheter solutions that prioritize patient well-being.

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