The Top 10 Tips To Pass The TOGAF Certification Exam In 2021

The Top 10 Tips To Pass The TOGAF Certification Exam In 2021


The TOGAF Certification is managed and controlled by the Open Group that deals with all its monitoring accessories. With thousands of candidates across the world who have passed the course and achieved their goals, there are plenty of tips you can get. However, it would be best if you were calm and not panicked by the suggestions. Just do the hard work and believe in yourself, and rest shall follow.

Essential tips for TOGAF examination

However, to make it easy few tips are to be followed which can relieve you from those two-three lines on your forehead:

  1. Getting into the best Training institute: The first and essential thing is to get into a recognized institute and get enrolled in it. There are several institutions worldwide, so choosing the best and being in one is of utmost importance.
  2. Managing the time: Here in this course, it comes in handy. Managing the time from running the schedule to writing down the exam time is what you need to work on. Prepare yourself almost two to three months before the foundation course exam. As you pass the exams, you need to prepare for the next exam. Level 1 has multiple choice questions answered in an hour, while level2 has scenario-based questions to be completed within one hour and a half. So with keeping the time constraint in mind, the candidates should attend the paper.
  3. Practice: It comes into work in this course. The higher your efficiency, the better you get into the nitty-gritty of this course, which will help you in the long run. Being an enterprise architect, you have to shoulder various roles and responsibilities.
  4. It’s not just about ICT: It is stated that the origins of TOGAF lie in the principles of ICT, but it’s not entirely true.TOGAF® course is based on skills.
  5. Learn about the Agile Principles: TOGAF®. The training course deals with several effective tools and techniques to help the team. A piece of sound knowledge about technical terminologies can progress with TOGAF.
  6. Gradation system: The step being the Foundation, you can appear for the level1 and level 2 exams right after. To sit for the level 2 exams, you have to pass level 1. The minimum percentage is 55 to give level 1, while level 2 needs 60%. Experts prefer not to deliver all answers because there is a negative marking too. So, it is wise enough to answer only those you are sure of, and also, there is a time constraint.
  7. Guides and websites: The institutes or the Open Group provides you with free online websites and curriculum. You can choose among them and study. They also provide you with various guides by renowned authors to make it easy for you. Old question papers are also available for you to have a look through.
  8. Level 2 exams: In the level 2 exams, a set of 8 scenarios is given in the context of all possible answers. To build a present status on the enterprise forum, you need to figure out the best among the four options given. Each correct answer to the system will get you five marks each. Spend the 90 minutes wisely on the eight scenarios, respectively. Logical reasoning and a confident approach will solve the papers well.
  9. Focus: Focus hard on the exam pattern and the module. Make a schedule and follow it accordingly. Give it your eight to ten hours every day consistently. Understand the concepts and scenarios well and try to keep thinking logically.
  10. Keep calm: Above all, keep calm. Losing patience is not something you can let out at any point. So keep calm, study well and sit for your exams. If you still can’t pass the exams in the first go, don’t lose heart. There’s always a second time to correct the old mistakes.


TOGAF certification will earn you tremendous respect in society and working domains. It seems to complete all the salary aids and technical facilities. Various business firms are using TOGAF candidates to grasp implementation and designing ideas. The process and working phases are unique for each member accredited with a TOGAF certificate. Thus, the candidates can build a secure and higher operation and management in the architectural fields.

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