The most recent report from Vn88 indicates that FIFA will pay Barcelona

The most recent report from Vn88 indicates that FIFA will pay Barcelona

According to the evidence gathered by Vn88, FIFA is obligated to reimburse Barcelona for the damage that was sustained by the club because the primary pillar of the La Liga club was hurt.

The FIFA Virus caused a significant amount of harm to Barcelona, which was the team that was playing. A number of players, including Memphis Depay, Frenkie de Jong, Jules Koundé, and Ronald Araujo, were required to report for duty at the Nou Camp as a result of injuries. The circumstance surrounding Araujo was by far the most precarious of these.

The Uruguayan midfielder who had only just suffered a thigh injury in a friendly encounter against Iran made the decision to have the injury surgically repaired in order to ensure a full recovery. This indicates that the superstar who was born in 1998 conceded defeat in the 2022 World Cup and sat out for two to three months as a result. According to vn88, the club will suffer a setback as a result of Araujo’s injury because he is such an important member of the team.

Barca was required to receive compensation from FIFA due to the severity of the injury. It is well known that in order to qualify for compensation at this level, an injury must have lasted for more than 28 days and could extend for up to a year. This is represented in the Club Protection Plan, which has been approved during the previous three seasons and is active through the 31st of December this year.

A source from Vn88cx has revealed that FIFA will give Barca an amount equal to 20,458 euros every single day. The most that FIFA can owe in any given year is 7.5 million euros, and they have to pay it.

The financial situation at Barca is difficult to remedy. The club’s defense will be impacted as a result of Araujo’s injury. In the not-too-distant future, either Andreas Christensen, Eric Garcia, or Kounde will make an effort to fill the post that Araujo vacated.

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