The main rules of playing slots

The main rules of playing slots

The attractiveness of virtual slot machines is connected not only to their round-the-clock availability. People who love excitement choose slots because everything is clearer and more interesting in them. The gambler can find out the profitability of the machine, its mechanics, and other features for free. After evaluating the features of the machine, it will be possible to decide whether to bet with real money or not. In online casinos, online slots are presented in a wide variety – from classic ones with 3×3 or 4×4 reels to colorful video slots with huge reels and additional games. A novice gambler faces a difficult task – to learn the rules, assess their capabilities, and find a suitable platform for the game.

Choosing a slot machine

Among the huge number of online slots, it is difficult to immediately choose a machine. Appearance, graphics, and music are good criteria, but they do not affect profitability in any way. There are many slots with similar themes (fruits, pirates, Wild West, Gods, races, etc.) in the assortment. It is better to evaluate other slot criteria:

  • RTP is the player’s theoretical income. The closer the score is to 100%, the better. Slots with rates of 94% -98% are popular. Even experienced players do not risk wasting money in slots with an RTP below 94%.
  • Volatility – an indicator of the frequency and number of wins. High volatility slots are suitable for fans of excitement and big wins. Prize combinations will be rare, but large. Slot machines with low volatility give winnings often, but the size is small. There are also medium-volatility slots for stability lovers.
  • Mechanics. The mechanics with spinning reels and fixed or selective pay lines are standard for most machines. This is an easy way to play, known since the days of “one-armed bandits”. The second option is a cluster system, which means symbols that fall out from above. They give a payout when they are located nearby, there are no set lines. This more interesting and profitable mechanic is found in modern video slots.

There is no single piece of advice for everyone on choosing a slot. You need to evaluate the parameters, and your wishes and find a machine to your liking.

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Game principles and symbols

People come to the world of gambling not only for vivid impressions. Many are looking for easy money here. Lucky players win jackpots, experienced gamblers multiply their capital. To receive a payout and wager an increased bet in slot machines, a person needs to collect a combination of three or more symbols on the prize line. Their number and type are different for each slot and are specified in the rules.

With a cluster system, you need more identical symbols (from five), which will be located next to each other. Each symbol has its value, and its number affects the amount of the payout. In addition to standard symbols, there are a bonus, as well as additional games and rounds in video slots:

  • Wild and Scatter. They give reward points, free spins, and open bonus rounds.
  • Risk game. By correctly guessing the color of the dealer’s card, the player doubles the prize. The game is available at will after each win.
  • Bonus round – table to give multipliers, free spins, and coins.
  • Jackpots – there are fixed and progressive ones (depending on the amount of money invested by the players). To hit the jackpot, you need to participate in the bonus game or fill the entire playing field with the same most expensive symbols.

Knowing all these features and differences between slot machines, you can choose a modern video slot or a classic slot machine. The choice depends on the desire of the player and his love of risk and excitement.

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