The Best  Scrap Car Company

The Best  Scrap Car Company

If you have an old and worn out car that can neither be driven nor sold to future owners, then it is possible to obtain scrap premium for your old car. The purpose of the scrap premium is that the owners of cars are thus encouraged to carry out environmentally sound scrapping of the cars, so as not to burden the environment with dangerous liquids and other pollution from the cars.

In order for you to be paid a scrap premium Skrotpræmie on your car, it requires that the car is deregistered or is deregistered after 1 July 2000, and that the car’s total weight must not exceed 3,500 kg and must not be able to transport more than 9 people incl. leads. Ie. virtually all ordinary cars in this country.

At, we accept your used car. The scrapping premium is paid directly to the car owner’s NemKonto.

Picking up your car

We offer to pick up your car if it can no longer drive or if you do not have the opportunity to bring it yourself. Call and order a pick-up and carry out the process below, and we will make sure that the payment is made as soon as possible.

Environmentally friendly scrapping

The Danish state wants used cars to be removed in an environmentally sound and responsible manner, and therefore offers a compensation paid to the car’s owner: scrapping premium. 

At, we live up to all the Danish environmental requirements, and we scrap your car in a responsible and safe way.

Has the car served its military service, and is it worth more at the scrap yard than with a new owner? When your car needs to be scrapped, you can get what is called a scrap price. A scrap price, or a scrap premium Skrot bil, is the amount you can get when your car has become so worn and old that scrapping the car is the only resort.

Not everyone is necessarily covered by the scheme. Read below where you can find out more about what is the scrap price, how you get the scrap premium – and what you can expect. The scrap premium is the amount you receive when you hand in your car for scrapping at a scrap yard.

You will be issued a scrapping certificate on the car, and it is basically the person whose name the car is registered in who is entitled to a scrapping premium. It is the scrapping company that is responsible for the practicalities in relation to the payment of the scrap premium.

Most scrap yards also offer to take care of all the practicalities such as scrapping certificate, deregistering your car from the Motor Register and submitting the scrapping certificate itself. But it basically costs 250 kroner, which is deducted from your scrap price. Alternatively, you can do it yourself.

Once everything is in order, which is usually done quickly, it takes about three working days from scrapping until the money is in your account. A new and green scrap premium for passenger cars will both be able to support a green conversion of the car fleet and at the same time stimulate the sale of new climate-friendly passenger cars.

The Danish Car Skrotpriser Importers and Danish Industry propose that a scrap premium be introduced over a two-year period, which depends on whether the owner of the scrapped car subsequently acquires a climate-friendly car. A modern and safe car is primarily for the benefit of the car’s driver and passengers, but safe cars also have many positive effects outside the car. Passive and active safety equipment such as blind spot control, reversing camera, headlights with automatic dimming, automatic adjustment of speed after signage, etc. reduces fatalities in traffic and reduces, in addition to personal tragedies, injuries and hospital costs associated with traffic accidents.

In conclusion, choosing the best scrap car company is important for ensuring that your car is recycled in an environmentally friendly way. When looking for a scrap car company, be sure to consider their reputation, the amount of money they offer for your car, and their commitment to recycling. By choosing the best scrap car company, you can be sure that your car will be recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

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