Simple Steps to Make Fancy Foam With Cheap Processed Cheese

Simple Steps to Make Fancy Foam With Cheap Processed Cheese

Making fancy foams is among the practices that are associated with modern cooking. Easy to make and versatile, foams are fun to eat and use. If you look at history, you will discover that foams have been around for centuries and have formed part of the traditional cooking systems for years. Foams mostly consist of whipped cream, bread dough, and even head-on beers.

Foams are simple structures that can trap air bubbles and is similar to emulsion in many ways. It’s similar to when fats get trapped in the liquid.

Foam structure can be made using many things such as fat, proteins, or water. The foam is mostly textured and this texture is determined by the bubble sizes and the number of liquids that are contained in the foam. In some instances, some foam may be considered to be set foams, which loosely means that it has a solidified structure, and a perfect example of this is when baking soufflé or bread dough. What’s most fascinating with homemade foams is that they are easy to make and fun, you can add new flavors and experiment with ingredients that will help you enjoy diversity in the final taste of the final product.

Making Fancy Foam with Cheese At Home

By following a few simple steps, you can make fancy foams using cheap processed cheese. This gets incredibly easier if you have a whipping siphon. Ingredient-wise, you don’t need to think about the impossible or those complicated ingredients. Just a package of low-priced processed cheese wedges and you will be ready to get started. There are several brands of proceeds cheese cubes that are available in the market, so you shouldn’t face any problem while choosing the best. Make sure that you use heavy whipping cream.

Making fancy foam with cheap processed cheese


  • Make sure that you buy whipped cream charger if you don’t have one. The 1-liter version is the best, but if you have a 500ml canister, you can reduce the recipes by half.
  • Nitrous chargers or standardized nitrous oxides. If using the smaller siphon, you can use 1 charger


  • Add your processed cheese inside the whipping cream canister.
  • Put 200ml of heavy whipping cream inside the canister.


  • Combine the cream and the cheese using a blender, and pass it through a sieve before you pour inside the whipping canister.
  • Screw on the canister chargers and shake vigorously.
  • Put the cream whipper inside the fridge for 2 to 4 hours. The longer the better because it gives your foam a more defined structure.
  • Serve it, but consider adding some topping because this makes it crazy good.


Making fancy foam using cheap processed cheese is easy. All you need is whipping cream, good quality cheap cheese, and a cream whipping machine. If you follow the above simple procedures you can enjoy great-tasting form always. If you want, you can add some toppings of your taste.

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