Shapes of logos: what they mean, how to choose

The logo is the most recognizable element of any brand. He popularizes the company, as well as its products, which is why he is one of the main parts of the success of any brand. The shape of the logo is one of the options for making the logo unique, and also allows you to convey the desired message to consumers.

Modern technologies allow you to create a logo of a unique and bizarre shape, which will differ favorably from the logos of competitors, while attracting the attention of customers, which will affect the popularity of the brand and its products.

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What is a logo

The logo is the face of the company. It is he who is remembered by customers. It is presented in the form of an image (text) and is associated with a certain brand by consumers.

Despite the fact that the logo is just an image, it performs many tasks, among them:

– Advertising

Contributes to the growth of the brand’s popularity, as well as its recognition. It can be placed on various resources on the Internet, banners, business cards, in the company’s advertising on TV and other advertising platforms.

– Protective

The logo placed on the products protects the company’s image, which may suffer from low-quality fakes.

– Warranty

The presence of a logo on the products guarantees customers the quality of the goods.


With the help of a logo, buyers distinguish the goods of one brand from the goods of another brand, while sometimes the popularity of the logo is so great that buyers are willing to overpay for the goods they purchase. All in order to own a product that has this popular logo. The logo can be used on all your office stationery as well. You can order personalized stationery sets with your logo printed on them.

What are the forms of the logo

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There are several actual forms of the logo, namely:

1) Circle

Popular logos of this form are logos of brands: Euronews, Hewlett-Packard.

2) The ring

Recognizable logos of this form are: AUDI, Mastercard.

3) Curve

The most popular logos of this form are owned by companies: Amazon, Reebok, British Airways.

4) Square

Popular logos of this form are logos of companies: Microsoft, Adobe, LUKOIL.

5) Triangle

Bright examples of logos of this form are logos of brands: Adidas, CAT, FISCHER.

6) Lines

This form of logos is used by brands: SOUNDCLOUD, IBM, CISCO.

7) Spiral

Such logos can be seen in the brands: Spiral Health&Fitness and Ubisoft.

8) The logo in the shape of a beast

The famous logos of this form are: the logo of the Playboy brand, the logo of the Jaguar brand.

How to choose a logo shape

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Proper use of the logo shape and all its advantages will allow you to create a truly unique logo that will attract the attention of buyers. At the same time, it is worth noting that all forms have certain advantages and are better suited for a certain field of brand activity.

1) Circle

This form of logo should be chosen to emphasize the idea of friendship or unity. It is also an international component of peacefulness and movement. With the help of this form of logo, it is also possible to emphasize that the company strives to be represented in all parts of the globe.

2) The ring

The ring in the logo (inside the logo) can tell about the cohesion and strength of the team, as well as about the honed work of each element of the business model.

3) Curve

Such a logo is perfect to emphasize the company’s creativity, as well as its non-standard thinking. The logo with curved lines indicates that the company is ready to adapt to any circumstances and is ready to change instantly according to customer requests.

4) Square

Logos in the shape of a square symbolize the stability and constancy of the brand. There is also a hidden meaning of such logos, which shows the brand’s ambitions and that they can provide services whose quality can be squared.

5) Triangle

Such a geometric figure embodies knowledge and power. At the same time, the triangle symbol indicates that spirituality, creativity and corporate ethics play an important role in the brand that chose this geometric figure for its logo.

6) Lines

Logos that contain lines show endurance, strength, confidence and calmness. This form is mainly chosen by high-tech brands for their logos.

7) Spiral

Logos of this form are quite rare. They symbolize cyclicity, rebirth, infinity. Logos of this form are perfect for brands that are associated with innovation, medicine or creativity.

8) The logo in the shape of a beast

Such logos can say a lot about the brand and its ambitions. At the same time, they stand out favorably from other logos and each consumer will have additional associations that will facilitate the memorization of the logo.


The logo is quite an important component of any brand, and it is what consumers see. With the help of logos, it is possible (necessary) to leave a certain message for them, which will talk about the brand’s products, its movement, ambitions, and other factors.

The message will contribute to the fact that the buyer will choose the products of this brand, and not competing firms, which will ultimately affect the final profit, as well as the popularity of the brand.

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