Robert Lewandowski is already the star of the show at Barcelona

Already the main attraction in Barcelona is Robert Lewandowski

Being a new centre forward in Barcelona is challenging, and it’s never sure how long it will take to adjust or whether this will work out. While Zlatan Ibrahimovic left after a year, Luis Suarez reportedly required time to gel with his teammates.

It seemed different right away for Robert Lewandowski, who recently turned 34. One is that this club lacks any superstars. Because players like Neymar and Messi are beginning to disappear from the spotlight, we may be now living in a post-superstar football era. Watch the Barcelona match on Cakhia link.

However, in our opinion, there will always be a place for modest experts who are the greatest in their field. Lewandowski still maintains that title, and it is clear that he is more driven than ever to keep it—especially with players like Erling Haaland putting pressure on him by hitting a hat-trick over the past weekend and trying to usurp his spotlight.

Please do not underestimate the Pole; he will not bid his career a kind farewell.He is in excellent shape and is as motivated as always to be the greatest football player he can be.

It’s beginning to seem like my choice to force my way out of Bayern Munich was wise. He knew that Barcelona was keen to hire him and assemble their squad around him shortly and that they were trying to move past.

Lewy is placing a bet on himself. As Pep Guardiola said, this athlete is among the most skilled you will ever encounter. The person who works hard every day to keep on top of his profession is the only one who can understand that.

He doesn’t seem to be slowing down and puts in more effort than anybody else on the field. He checks into the middle to aid in the buildup, and then he sprints across the area to evade a defender, which is lovely to see. He’s always on the go.

Additionally, it’s sheer instinct to score goals in the last third.

Think about Lewandowski’s first four Barcelona goals.

First, when playing Real Sociedad, he raced across and saved Alejandro Balde’s poorly executed cross.

Later during the match, he repeated the action with a shot that Ansu Fati had to fight to survive.

He suddenly seemed to latch onto Raphinha’s cross against Real Valladolid, and he had little time to spare.

Last but not least, he took advantage of Dembele’s fantastic run, but he scored on a previous pass that was barely behind the goal, from a difficult angle, with any part of his foot that was required, while guarded by a defender, and with a keeper closing in.

The genuine article is that Robert Lewandowski is still doing more than just scoring goals and is assuming a leadership role.

Last year, there was worry that Barca may become dependent on Pedri, and too many demands were placed on the young midfielder.

Other individuals, such as Frenkie de Jong and Ousmane Dembele, are of the highest calibre, but you may not always resort to them when things are tight. In the past, Messi was always there to save the day whenever you needed him.

Lewandowski knows how fortunate he is to have Pedri, Dembele, Rafinha, & Frenkie on all sides of him in this situation. These guys would be pleased to do so and can set him up to be successful before the goal.

It was, as grateful that Xavi returned and made this game’s mechanics simpler. Real Valladolid was swiftly overpowered because everyone understood their place, and the balance was perfect from the start.

Memphis Depay, Ansu Fati, and Ferran Torres aren’t as successful in the centre as they could be, and let’s not even bring about Ferran Jutgla, considering how well he’s been playing for his new team.

To contend for every championship, bundesliga, Barcelona would need depth and rotations, and if they can awaken on September 1 with the majority of their team still in place, they will have everything they need. Lewandowski is here because of it. Anything less cannot be accepted.

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