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People today are well acquainted with shopping online. The prime reason for this is that all you have to do is just login to the respective website. After that shop as per your need with various choices. However, do the sellers have any such choices in website creation? In this blog we address this question. We will talk about PrestaShop Health & Beauty Themes and Templates which help sellers.

What is Prestashop?

Prestashop is a free-to-use open-source platform. It is coded in PHP language and uses My SQL database. It helps sellers to create a website through its various features.

How does Prestashop help health and beauty sellers?

A website acts as a storefront. It works like an online shop. Template trip can help you create a website and that provide a Prestashop Themes. You can display your health and beauty related products for the customers to buy from.It helps you to take your business online. Moreover, it even provides you with many other services.One of these services is its themes and templates. They can relate to health and beauty, fashion, etc. You can choose a theme or template of your choice.

Why use Prestashop Health & Beauty Themes and Templates?

The next question which you would have in mind is why should you go for Prestashop over other themes and templates providers. We have given the reasons below:

1.    Easy to use

It is easier to use than its competitors. In other template providers it is important to know the coding language to run an online shop. However, you do not need coding language expertise for Prestashop

2.    Cost-effective

It is more cost effective because most of its themes are free. If you look at the chargeable themes you will find that they are also economical.

3. Lightweight software

The software is lightweight. This feature of Prestashop template  helps your website to rank on search engines easily because Google loves websites made on such software.

4.    Works for stores of all sizes-small, medium, and large

Prestashop understands that one size doesn’t fit everyone. Therefore, it has a large choice of themes to choose from. You can choose the theme on the basis of the size of your business.

5.    Multi-currency feature

This feature of Prestashop allows website customers to pay in the currency of their choice. In other words,  you can sell internationally.

6.    Quality service

Prestashop provides quality service right from creation of the website to SEO based assistance. The template and themes come in both free version and premium one. So you can first try the free version and then as your  business scales up you can buy the premium one.

Template Trip provides the top 4 Health and Beauty Prestashop themes


We understand that Prestashop has so many different themes in health and beauty that you are spoilt for choices. That is why we have handpicked the themes that will help you to make a smart choice:

1.   Hair Cutts & Salon

Are you a hairdresser? Do you have a salon that wants online visibility? If yes, this theme is your best bet. It comes with a number of features like responsive themes, ajax search, multilingual feature, multi-currency feature, retina-ready, etc.

2.    Beautica- Cosmetic based theme

Do you own a cosmetic brand that wants to sell online through a website? If yes, then the Beautica theme can be your top seed choice. An experienced website designer has created this theme. The best feature of this theme is that it gives a live demo option. Moreover, it has other features like Ajax cart, mega menu, responsive design, SEO friendly URLs, etc

3.   Jewels – Diamond Jewelry Store

Do you own a diamond or jewelry business? Do you want a good website theme to bring your business online? If yes, you can take a peek at the diamond jewelry theme. The theme comes with menu customization, easy website customization to name a few

4.   MediPlus – Medical Equipment Store

Are you into a business that relates to medicines? If yes, you can try this theme because it offers features like responsive design, easy customization of the menu, store builder and many more.

Hope you liked the blog about Prestashop’s health and beauty theme. Please give your feedback in the comment section below.

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