Perform First Aid Effectively with Mindray’s AED

Perform First Aid Effectively with Mindray’s AED

An automated external defibrillator is portable and easy to operate. For people who have had first aid cpr training, a little training can be proficient in the use of first aid equipment designed for on-site first aid. As a professional AED supplier, Mindray explains why the proper use of an AED is more important in public places than waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Why choose Mindray’s innovative AEDs?

Mindray has done special research to optimize the use and delivery of AEDs in public places, allowing their products to be used in a timely and efficient manner when needed.

Mindray produces AEDs with voice prompts and on-screen animated operating prompts to make operation easier. Automatic external defibrillators can be operated by most people with only a few hours of training. Even in an emergency, it can be used directly according to the instructions in the user guide.

The importance of AEDs: every second counts

In the case of cardiac arrest, every minute that defibrillation is delayed decreases the probability that the patient will be saved by about 7-10%. In other words, the earlier defibrillation is performed, the greater the likelihood that the patient will return to a normal heart rhythm and the better the chances of survival.

AEDs were created to address this situation, which is when a patient encounters a sudden cardiac arrest in a public place. If a high-performance AED from Mindray can be obtained in time to defibrillate the patient, the better the patient’s chances of survival. Therefore, AEDs are called “life-saving devices”!

Mindray manufactures professional AEDs with outstanding quality. Check out their official website for information in detail.

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