Metal Stamping: You’d Be Surprised at How Much More There Is

Known for their precision automotive metal stamping and metal bending, Hashimoto Precision also manufactures a wide variety of metal stamping parts, including the industry standard aluminum bike frames.

Define Metal Stamping.

A metal stamping press may form flat metal sheets into various forms. It requires a die, a negative picture of the desired form, and a punch, a positive image. When a metal sheet is flattened between a die and a punch, the punch is forced into the die to form the required 2D shape.

Coins, keys, jewelry, and other forms may all be made using metal stamping, but the method is often used in industrial mass manufacturing because of its speed and simplicity.

What is the Process of a Metal Stamping?

To imprint designs or patterns into metal, you need metal stamping components. You may think of the body and the die as the two halves of the stamping process. The die must be hammered to generate an imprint while the stamping part’s body is put into the die.

Stamping metal has been used for millennia to make anything from currency to artwork. Identification badges, jewelry, and other ornamental products are only some of the many uses for metal stamping today.

Metal Stamping Price Estimates

The size of your design, the number of impressions needed, and the style of finish you choose will be the three most significant elements in determining the final cost of any metal stamping job. Let’s examine these issues in further detail:

First, the time needed to make the stamp is proportional to its size. Larger designs take longer to complete and cost more because of this.

Second, the number of times the pattern is pressed into the metal (impressions) will affect the final cost. The cost of making a single imprint is the lowest, whereas making many impressions increases the price.

The final cost of the stamping project will also be affected by the sort of finish applied. Polishing is the cheapest choice, while anodizing is on the pricier end of things.

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