Megarevo’s High-Voltage Split-Phase Battery Inverter: Empowering Flexibility and Remote Monitoring

Megarevo introduces its High-Voltage Split-Phase Battery Inverter, specifically designed for home energy storage systems with battery voltages exceeding 80V. This advanced battery inverter offers a customizable I/O interface, enabling more flexible applications to meet specific requirements. With its support for remote monitoring, remote upgrades, and automatic battery management, Megarevo’s High-Voltage Split-Phase Battery Inverter ensures seamless control and optimization of energy storage systems.

Customizable I/O Interface for Enhanced Flexibility

The Megarevo High-Voltage Split-Phase Battery Inverter stands out with its customizable I/O interface, allowing for a wide range of flexible applications. With the ability to tailor the input and output connections based on specific needs, homeowners and businesses gain greater versatility in integrating the inverter into their energy storage systems. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various power sources, battery configurations, and load requirements, making the Megarevo inverter a highly adaptable solution for diverse energy storage applications.

Remote Monitoring and Intelligent Battery Management

Megarevo’s High-Voltage Split-Phase Battery Inverter offers advanced features to enable remote monitoring, remote upgrades, and automatic battery management. Through remote monitoring, users can conveniently access real-time data and performance metrics of their energy storage systems from anywhere, enhancing system control and optimization. Remote upgrades ensure that the inverter stays up-to-date with the latest firmware and feature enhancements, providing continuous improvements and future-proofing the investment.


The Megarevo High-Voltage Split-Phase Battery Inverter unlocks a new level of flexibility and control for energy storage systems. With its customizable I/O interface, users can tailor the inverter to meet their specific application requirements, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility. The support for remote monitoring and remote upgrades empowers users with convenient access to real-time data and ongoing enhancements, enabling system optimization and future-proofing.

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