Know the Basics of Poker Chips

Know the Basics of Poker Chips

Poker chips are one of the most important elements in playing a hand of poker. The circular pieces used in the game had become such a staple that casino chips have been characteristically called ‘Poker Chips’ nowadays. Knowing your way through the various chip denominations, colours and how they are distributed can be a huge help for how you understand and play the game.

Poker is internationally known to be a casino game that relies purely on luck and skill. Poker has many variations that also have different rules. A basic game of poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. Players are betting on each other depending on the size of their hand. The rules and the flow of the game have also been adapted by the poker variation, Texas Hold’em.

Poker chips are used whenever bets are placed in a poker game and are called an Ante. The various casino chips used in the game possess various denominations with colours differentiating the values from each other. Colours and denominations also differ from casino to casino or sometimes on the physical location of the casino (i.e city, state or country). There are no official rules on how chip values and colour should be properly designated.

Most players often take the chips’ appearance into consideration, not even noticing the difference a chip has from casino chips of other casinos. Most players simply buy-in, sit on one of the tables and start rifling through the poker chips as they wait to be dealt a hand. People may be attracted by the extensive selection of  slot resmi games available online, which may include even games that are not permitted in some jurisdictions due to their perceived low-level risk or high-level risk.

Based on the history of gambling and casinos, casino chips have long been used to represent cash. This makes it easier for players and casinos whenever a wager is placed on a game round. People often say that these casino chips are a player’s weapon whenever they play a game.

Each of the players that buy-in on a game begin with a standard number of chips and build them up throughout a game or tournament. Poker chips are available in various different colours which determine the equivalent value of a certain amount of money. The colour also helps you differentiate between the available denominations.

Betting chips have been standardized at the start of the early 1800s to the type and appearance that we now know. It was said that saloons and gaming houses in the West started using engraved pieces of bones, ivory or clay as a kind of casino chips in their house-run games. In this sense, modern casino chips are now custom-designed and manufactured specifically for various casinos from all around the world.

A chip’s weight, texture, design and colour are carefully controlled and it’s harder to counterfeit than paper money. Custom-designed chips also carry the name of the casino they are to be used in, engraved or printed on the chips’ face. There are some casinos that even embed microchips on the gambling markers of each chip, making it impossible for felons to make counterfeits. เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

Poker chips nowadays use a standard value and colour for most of the games held. This does not mean that it is being applied to every casino and poker table that you can participate in. As mentioned earlier, there can also be variations depending on the casino and/or location. This is the full list of possible chip colours and the standard values they can possess:

Colour Value / Denomination (€)
White 1
Yellow 2 (rarely used)
Red 5
Blue 10
Grey / Green 20
Green 25
Orange 50
Black 100
Pink 250
Purple 500
Yellow / Burgundy 1,000
Light Blue 2,000
Brown 5,000


As mentioned, you can also find various variations in poker chip colours depending on the casino you entered and/or the location you are in. This is why you can see there are values that have two colours and/or denominations listed on them.

An example of possible deviations and differences is that one casino in Las Vegas implements chips like the brown (€2) along with peach (€3) that can be used in other games offered. You can also find €1 chips that are usually blue in colour instead of white when you take a step inside casinos in California. Most casino enthusiasts have it engraved in their heads that €100 chips are the ones that are coloured white and are usually oversized.

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You can also encounter casinos that offer high-value chips which can have denominations of €5,000, €10,000, €25,000 and higher. These kinds of chips are rare to find and are usually reserved for casino high rollers. Casinos usually don’t offer these because chip values that go above €5,000 or higher are a special occasion.

You can also find casinos that plaques the size of cards inside casinos that offer high stakes gambling in public areas. It is said that you can find these kinds of casinos when you set foot in Nevada and/or Atlantic City. These plaques can also hold denominations of €5,000, €10,000, €25,000 and/or higher.

Knowing these simple and basic facts about casino and poker chips can help you and result in a more enjoyable experience. This can also help you strategize and make decisions so you can play a hand smartly.

If you’re itching to hit a table, then try out the various poker games that you can try your hand in. You can have your pick between a classic round of Texas Hold’em or try your hand with a game of Casino Stud Poker. There are also a few other choices that can be considered, like Double Double Bonus Poker or Triple Edge Poker. No matter which of the various types of poker you choose, you will surely have a great time.

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