Is AE888 reputable?

Is AE888 reputable?

This is the question that draws most attention nowadays. It is understandable due to the short busines time of AE888. But don’t worry because the trustworthiness of AE888 has been confirmed by a lot of long time players and partners. So in this post we will give you have a better understand about this bookie as well as answer some main concerns.

Our commitment

What do you think what make a bookmaker reputable? For some players, a prestigious bookie must be:

– Legal business registration

– Clean business records with no scams

– Fast deposit/withdrawal process

If that is enough for you, so AE888 is the playground you are looking for. Let’s look closer!

Firstly, AE888 has registered business license in accordance with the regulations of Costa Rica and the house has been confirmed by all partners as a prestigious, qualified and transparent playground.

Moreover, AE888 also invests in customer information security, whereas they apply the most modern encryption technology to encrypt all transactions of players and commits to give no personal information to other third parties – including the Government.

Thirdly, has a flexible payment system that is linked with lots of banks. The deposit and withdrawal process is extremely simple and fast and it requires no verification of information or documents. Normally, the transactions at AE888 will be quickly processed in about 10-30 minutes and up to 24 hours a day.

Don’t be fooled by fake news

In recent times, there are many posts about scamming at AE888. But is that true? As I have mentioned above, AE888 has officially been a legal business for years. This means it is working under the supervision of the government and receives the protection of the law.

So let’s assume that AE888 scams money from players, will the government – ​​the unit that licenses this bookie to operate “leave it alone”? Certainly, the answer is NO. If the government find any fraud or intention of causing fraud inside AE888, they have the right to exclude this playground from the market.

But AE888 is still here and doing business as usual. So, you must have the answer to the question “Is AE888 a scam or not?”, right?

In fact, it is impossible to put all of your faith on online platform. But not every post is true. You have to know who is the writer of the post and is he/she trusthworthy or not? There are many people who don’t know about the online business or the way we doing it and they still write about us. In this world of information, please be conscious and stay away from fake news.

But we don’t mean that all current headlines are wrong. Instead of that, you should update information selectively and continuously. Any scandals with evidence attached can be believed.

Be our partners and enjoy the commission rate up to 50%

That’s enough for our prestige. Now it’s the time for you to rise and shine. Being our agent and you will earn great income with some easy tasks and no constraints in terms of time and workplace. Let’s find out more.


As an agent of AE888, you will introduce your customers and friends to play with us. The more customers come to AE888 through your code, the higher commission you will get. In detail, you must invite at least 5 new players to become our agent and get a share of profits. The earning level can be up to 50% and lifetime.

In addition to making it easier for you to find customers, the house will give you some marketing tools when the work starts.

Commission level

To make the agent policy transparent, our commission level is given as follows. The bookie will track down your click rate, application download rate, registration rate and number of players betting in realtime speed. Your commission will be calculated based on all these factors. We have the right to know the full information and if you have any questions, please immediately contact the customer care department for the fastest support.

The agent’s commission includes:

Commission from the losing bet of the player you refer.

The more players you refer, the more commissions you will get. This commission lasts for lifetime.

This is the specific table of commission:

Total profit of the company for each month

(calculated from the first day to the last day of the month)


Minimum number of invited/referred players Commission %


1,000,000 VND~149,999,999 VND >5 30%
150,000,000 VND~2,499,999,999 VND 40%
  > 2,500,000,000 VND 50%


Note: A qualified dealer is an agent must have the total deposit and betting revenue of about 1 million VND in a month.

How to calculate your commission

The total winning rounds of football betting, casino game, slot machine, fishing game and card game will include:

Player’s Bonus Reward

Player Refunds

Player’s Basic Reward

5% management fee (this is only collected in the case of positive commission)


(Real money won) – (returns and promotions) x (% commission rate) = Total real income of the agent


In case of negative commission

– Agents will have to pay negative commissions to the company before the 10th of the next month

– If the agent does not pay, the agent account will be closed.

Our network is currently looking for new agents and always welcomes new members to join. You can earn money anytime, anywhere and enjoy happy moments indefinitely at website https;// So, what are you waiting for, let’s sign up now!

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