How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact SEO? Is Everything Going To Change?

The rapid rise of AI has been rather divisive among the digital marketing community, with many people embracing the changes, and an equal number feeling less than impressed. But, how will artificial intelligence impact SEO? Is everything really going to change? And will it be for the better? Read on and let’s discuss it further…

SEO is forever changing – regardless of AI

For those who perhaps feel a little unsettled by the rise of artificial intelligence, rest assured that SEO is always on the move. If you go all the way back to 1997 when ‘search engine optimization’ was first coined, you’ll notice a significant amount of differences that have occurred over the years through its natural evolution.

Will artificial intelligence have an impact on SEO today? Absolutely! In fact, it’s already happening…

It’s going to be a turbulent few years

One thing is for certain: it’s going to be a turbulent few years while the global community acclimatises to the introduction of artificial intelligence in digital marketing and it will take some time for the industry to settle.

The reality is, so many business owners who are desperate to save as much as they can wherever possible will likely drop their digital marketing experts and attempt to handle everything in-house with the help of AI.

After all, why pay an agency to create content and manage your digital marketing campaign for you when you can just type a few prompts into some AI software and have it do all the hard work instead?

This is the shift…

Because many business owners are going to learn a hard lesson in just how complex and time-consuming digital marketing really is. Especially when it comes to strategizing a campaign designed for genuine online success.

Yes, you can ask an AI to explain the complexities of technical SEO for you…but as for putting it into practice, you’ll be very much on your own.

The fact is, AI is only as good as the person guiding it. As such, people who have very little knowledge and understanding of SEO and digital marketing in general will absolutely be able to create mountains of ‘instant expert articles’ – most of which will be largely useless.

Overnight experts will be a problem

Another way that AI will impact SEO is it is going to invariably pull digital marketing back into the ‘dark ages’, where countless con artists who are out to make fast cash and take advantage of vulnerable small business owners will be rife.

When you can effectively print a website on demand with ‘expertly crafted’ content, it’s going to be very easy for the inequitable to falsely pose as an authority.

The good news? You can easily avoid this by ensuring that when you do actually shop around for a digital marketing agency, you shop on reputation alone.

In other words, unless a digital marketing agency in Dubai can provide you with tons of social proof, positive reviews, client testimonials, and real-life case studies, you can easily sack them off…

SEO agencies will be able to work smarter and faster

As a business owner, the rise of AI can only help your business – particularly if you continue to invest in reputable digital marketing agencies who have your best interests at heart.

They can adopt the use of AI to refine their strategies, speed up certain time-consuming administrative tasks, and ultimately dedicate more resources to helping your brand and business cut through all of the noise with advanced ad targeting and onsite optimization.

When so many ‘experts’ will be posting and sharing mountains of poorly edited AI-generated articles, standing out as an authority should (in theory) be much easier.

Conclusion: Keep AI at arm’s length

Don’t feel threatened or put off by AI. Understand it, study it, and use it where possible. Just don’t become so reliant on it and you stifle your own creativity.

It is already changing the SEO industry and those who learn to pair it with their own inherent, human creativity (as opposed to replace it) are going to thrive. For businesses in Clifton Heights, PA seeking to adapt and excel in this evolving landscape, partnering with a forward-thinking SEO Company in Clifton Heights PA can provide invaluable insights and strategies to stay ahead of the curve and maximize online visibility.

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