How to Win while Playing KBC Lottery Winner

How to Win while Playing KBC Lottery Winner?

KBC is one of the most popular Indian shows hosted by Amitabh Bachan and comes On Air on Sony Television. It’s been hosted by Amitabh Bachan since its first season except for the third season hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. 

Everyone wants to be a KBC Lottery Winner because of the life-changing amount it offers. The participant has to answer the questions asked by the host. The lottery amount increases with each right answer. One should have vast knowledge to become a KBC Lottery Winner. Here are a few things to know to become KBC Lottery Winner.

What are the 11 subjects in KBC?

The contestants are asked questions, with each having multiple options. Once can progress to the next round by picking the right option. The expert panel sets the questions with multiple options. There are 11 subjects in KBC of which you have to choose the one according to your upbringing and knowledge. The contestant can change the category for the next round. To become a KBC Lottery winner, one must have a vast knowledge of the subjects to be asked. Here is the list:

  1. Books and Authors. 
  2. Business Industry and Economics.
  3. Current and World Affairs.
  4. Entertainment.
  5. Geography.
  6. Heritage and History.
  7. My City My State.
  8. Nature and Wildlife.
  9. Religion, Culture, and Mythology
  10. Science and Technology
  11. Sports and Games

Books and Authors:

The questions asked in this category revolve around books and authors who are mainly from Indian culture and history.

Industry, Business and Economics:

To become a lottery winner, one must know about the recent developments In Industry, Business, and economics. The contestant can be asked about the recent deals, investments, and developments done in this category.

Current and World Affairs:

To become KBC Lottery Winner, one should be well versed in international affairs. One should know about the national and international developments to become a KBC lottery winner.


The contestant should know Hollywood, Bollywood, and other entertainment industries. The questions can be asked about OTT platform productions and industries developments.


The geography questions can cover the surface area of the country and those related to borders. To be a KBC Lottery Winner, one must have good knowledge of national and international geography.

Heritage and History:

India has a powerful long history of the rule. KBC each episode has at least one question related to the heritage and history of India. A good grip on Indian history and heritage can add to your chance of winning KBC.

My City My State

This topic is set according to the participant. It includes questions about the facts and developments of the place where the participant belongs.

Nature and Wildlife:

In this topic, the contestant is asked questions about India’s flora and fauna, nature, and wildlife. One must know about these things to move to the next round.

Religion, Culture, and Mythology:

As a religiously, culturally, and mythological diverse country, India has a wealth of facts and data that few of us are aware of. A KBC contender must be familiar with the country’s religion and culture, as well as the myths upon which they are built.

Science and Technology:

As this is an era of science and technology, KBC has questions about modern sciences and technology developments. One should be aware of the recent updates on national and international platforms.

Sports and Games:

India has a large share in international sports. It has many players playing different games around the world. Sports do matter for India. One must have a good grip on the history and developments in sports.

How to Register for KBC Lottery Winner?

Everyone wants to win the KBC Lottery amount, but only those who know the subject can participate in the show. People interested in participating can register for KBC via SMS or the SonyLIV app. Every night, there will be a question that you have to answer via SMS or the SonyLIV app. 

The host will ask a question that you have to answer. In short, if you want to participate in KBC Lottery Winner 2022 List WhatsApp, you have to excel in all the subjects mentioned above. You have to keep yourself updated and prepared to win the life-changing amount. Dozens of people have won money more than 10 lakh, and a few lucky people have won an amount of 1 crore. Try yourself to be one of the KBC lottery winners

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