How to Rent A Personal Chauffeur in UK

The perfect place to look and hire a driver in UK is Hazelton Clive. Private drivers are very popular among CEOs of large companies and city workers for a good many reasons. Let us see why you should hire a personal chauffeur from this agency and what the benefits are.

  • Better Time Management: 

Many people use the time of self-driving to plan and think while they’re on a long journey. But it can sometimes be draining and feel useless as a train is a better option for anticipation. You can work or make important calls there. But there too you will not be able to maintain confidentiality, have to sacrifice comfort and convenience.

A personal driver offers you both types of benefits. You can have a private and luxurious ride while still making use of the free time. If you are an office worker, you will be able to attend your meeting at the workplace with a fresh mind which will ultimately be a huge advantage.

  • Security:

You may want to enjoy a glass of alcohol at your company dinner with your colleagues. If you have a chauffeur, you will not have to worry about driving and can freely relish with some whiskey or wine. Also, if you are tired at the end of a long day at work, you can just relax in the back seat and your  personal driver will safely get you home.

  • Planning:

You will have to think about where to park your car and which route will be the easiest and fastest way to reach your destination if you are driving yourself. You may also need to book a parking spot beforehand if you plan to visit a big city’s busy part. But having a chauffeur means you will not need to bother about all these formalities. They will take care of everything which will give you enough time to spend on your personal work. The drivers of course have more knowledge about routes and you will only need to inform them the time you want to reach a place. They will tell you the expected time for traveling and take you there.

  • Cost:

A private driver is much more cost-effective than the regular taxis, Bolt or Uber if you need one for at least twenty hours a week. You will have the same chauffeur who is familiar with your preferences and habits and you will not need to think about the mileage. The agency only recommends chauffeurs who live within a distance that is not more than fifteen to twenty minutes to reach.

  • Types of Recommended Chauffeurs:

Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Chinese or other language speaking international drivers are offered by this agency. They can be hired on a full-time contract. You can find different types of chauffeurs here including corporate chauffeurs, limo drivers, security trained drivers, personal chauffeurs, security chauffeurs etc. The private drivers can work in places like Hampshire, London, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and other countries of UK.

  • Soft Skills Needed for Personal Drivers:

Soft skills are those skills which occur naturally to people from their life or work experiences and personality. They cannot really be acquired through structured courses or trainings. Personal drivers need to have a few soft skills like the ones discussed below.

Private drivers should abstain from small talk with their employers and know about them well. But at times they may come across business partners or colleagues of the employer in the absence of the employer himself. If any of them initiates a conversation with the drivers, they should be able to handle that small talk deftly.

Chauffeurs should maintain punctuality and be organised to not be late to reach the destination. They should also be able to understand that the boss can be stressed after work and should stay quiet during the driving.

  • Process of Hiring:

The chauffeurs are selected by Hazelton according to needs of clients and are evaluated by further examinations. The candidates are matched with the client’s expectation, schedule and other preferences. All of them are interviewed individually and their previous payslips, history of driving, references, any fines which are unpaid, background and other necessary things are checked thoroughly. After these rounds, the potential candidates are shortlisted and they need to sign a NDA to protect the confidentiality of the employer. Only the drivers who have legal work permit in UK are offered by the agency.

  • Salary:

Unlike other contemporary agencies, Hazelton allows clients to discuss terms of remuneration with the candidates. You can learn about how much a chauffeur expects to earn from a particular household by talking to them. Most private drivers expect the salary of 40,000 to 55,000 Euros per year. More experienced ones who have security background should expect more than 60,000 Euros per annum. This is where the agency comes into picture as they can help clients choosing the perfect drivers based on their budget and convenience.

The placement fees structure of the agency consists of four plans:

In the Basic Plan, clients need to pay 12.8 percent of annual gross salary to the agency. Free guarantee of replacement is unavailable and the company is granted exclusivity by clients. Only the success fee is to be paid and no registration fee is required. The minimum amount charged is 990 Euros and standard UK DBS checks are given.

The second plan is the Standard Plan and clients need to pay 13.8 percent of annual gross salary to the agency. There’s 3 months of free replacement guarantee and the company is granted exclusivity by clients. Only the success fee is to be paid and no registration fee is required. The minimum amount charged is £1,490 and extended checks of International DBS are provided.

In the Premium Plan, the percentage is 15.8% and there’s 6 months of free replacement guarantee. The minimum amount charged is £1,690. The checks and registration fee and success fee are same as the Standard Plan.

The last plan is Ultimate Plan. The percentage is 19.8% and there’s 12 months of free replacement guarantee. The minimum amount charged is £1,990. The checks and registration fee and success fee are same as the Standard Plan.

Check out the website of the agency for more information about all kinds of chauffeurs and drivers.

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