How to make a transaction with Kubet casino

How to make a transaction with Kubet casino

When it comes to online betting games Kubet casino, we’re all in it for the win. But how can you deposit or withdraw money after winning a big game? It becomes much more valuable when you have a great reward in your hands. And, without a question, everyone wants to be able to deposit dollars into their bank account quickly so that they can manage and spend their money easily.

So, in today’s post, we’ll teach you how to withdraw money from the Kubet bookie quickly and effectively after listening to and understanding the demands of all players. Let’s get this party started!

Kubet casino is the most recognized bookmaker in the world

When it comes to online betting, I’m sure many of you instinctively think of Kubet casino. The bookie is a well-known bookmaker with a long history of rewarding its customers with a variety of benefits. There are various reasons why gamers esteem this bookmaker’s products and services.

The first is the game’s simplicity and ease of usage. Anyone who visits this site only needs to register an account and make a deposit in order to play a range of enticing games.

Kubet is likewise legally registered, has a recorded operating address, and is closely monitored by the Philippine government. This is one of the most well-known online bookmakers nowadays.

Finally, the casino provides a wide range of betting options, such as casino, lottery, sports betting, dice, and so on. The game’s user interface, in particular, is appealing, lively, and easy to navigate. Furthermore, the Kubet bookie employs cutting-edge technology on its betting platform, as well as a cutting-edge security system, to ensure that all players enjoy an excellent online betting experience.

With all of these benefits, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started straight away on your online trip with us.

Kubet’s withdrawal procedure

Players should be aware of the following before withdrawing money from the bookie:

  • The withdrawal minimum and maximum amounts are 200,000 VND and 1 billion VND, respectively.
  • Each day, there are three withdrawals. If you withdraw money more than three times, you must wait until the system resets at 00:00 the next day to restart your transactions.
  • The amount of the most recent deposit must be equal to the number of bet points. If you do not meet this condition, you will be charged a transaction fee of 5% of your deposited points.

Withdrawal instructions

Kubet casino is proud to have the fastest withdrawal and deposit speeds among online bookies (within 5 minutes of operation). The exact instructions for withdrawing funds from Kubet may be found

Use your computer to make the transactions

Anyone may withdraw money quickly and easily by following the three simple methods outlined below.

Step 1: Select the ” DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWAL ” button after logging in, followed by the ” WITHDRAWAL ” button.

Step 2: Deposit the funds into your bank account.

Step 3: Fill in the details for the bank account you already established with us.

Step 4: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the box provided.

Each point in the game will be worth 1000 VND, according to our rules. Simply enter 10,000 and click the “Confirm” button if you want to withdraw 10 million VND. Your money will be paid to your bank account in 5 minutes and you will not need to do anything more.

There is one thing you must keep in mind, though: any the information you input must be precise and correct. If this is not done, the bookie will be unable to deposit funds into your account.

Withdrawing money with your phone

To withdraw money from Kubet using your phone, follow these steps:

Step 1: From the drop-down menu next to the $ symbol, which stands for “Deposit and Withdrawal,” choose “Withdraw.”

Step 2: Add your bank account to withdraw money. Please check our list to see whether your bank is one of the ones we support. If your bank is qualified, you may add your own bank account, credit card details, or even your ATM card number.

Step 3: Select the bank from which you want to make a withdrawal.

Step 4: Fill up your personal details, such as your full name, phone number, and confirmation code.

Step 5: After entering your phone number, tap the “Send verification code” button. The server will then send you a 6-digit number through text message to your phone.

Step 6: In the box, type the code and then click the “Confirm” button.

Step 7: Determine the number of points you want to lose (for instance, if you want to withdraw 10 million VND, please enter 10,000 points).

Step 8: Enter your password and click the “Confirm” button to confirm it, then wait for us to double-check the information. After 2 to 5 minutes of waiting, the payment will be sent to your local bank account.

Depositing Methods

Using a local bank account: This is the best option because it is the safest and takes the shortest time. KUBET can serve virtually all Vietnamese banks as well as international banks because to its powerful technology.

Scanning QR codes: This type of top-up has the advantage of being extremely convenient and fast. By following a few simple steps on your phone or computer, you may easily deposit money into your KUBET account.

Using phone cards: This approach can be used by those who are familiar with phone cards. Your funds will be sent to your KUBET account immediately, exactly like other top-up options. There are, however, certain limitations. When depositing a large number of money, this method is quite expensive and requires a lot of energy to scratch the card.

Some of the most popular payment methods used by KUBET players include ViettelPay, MoMo Wallet, and ZaloPay. It’s also a convenient way to deposit money.

What is the procedure for making a deposit?

A multitude of methods are available for depositing funds into the KUBET account. We’ll show you how to go about doing it.

Utilizing a local bank account

Log in to your KUBET account -> choose “Deposit” -> “Local Bank” -> fill in the bank information, choose the transaction, and fill out the required data about the bookie -> “Transfer” money -> choose “Confirm Transfer” to complete the transaction (Remember to save the invoice when there is a need to confirm).

Utilization of QR codes

Log in to KUBET -> “Transfer” Money -> choose the QR Code Remittance option -> select the bank to make the payment and the amount to deposit -> confirm by hitting “Scan QR code” -> store QR code for future banking money transfers.

Prepaid phone cards are a great way to make transactions

To finish the transaction, go onto your KUBET account and select “Top up with phone card” -> “Proceed” (fill in all essential information properly and completely). (The expense, which may reach 19 percent, is rather significant.)

Using Momo wallet to pay

Select “Momo pay” from the drop-down option after logging into KUBET. Fill in all necessary information completely and accurately (payment method, deposit amount, …) -> From the drop-down menu, select “Generate QR Code” (Please save the code) -> Scanning the code with your Momo wallet will complete the top-up.

The following are our suggestions

When making deposits into local bank accounts, keep your receipts in case of delays or other problems.

The KUBET currency system consists of 1000 coins. If you deposit 2 million Vietnamese dong, the balance will appear as 2000 coins.

To avoid incurring a transferring fee when depositing using a QR code, you must have a minimum amount in your account.

If you make a deposit over the phone, you may be charged transaction fees.

So that’s all for the deposit. Let’s go on to the procedure for requesting a withdrawal.


The above is a step-by-step guide on how to quickly and painlessly transfer money from Kubet. We hope that after reading this page, gamers will have a better grasp of our rules and how to withdraw money from our website. And I’m pretty sure it’s easy, right?

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact the house’s support team as soon as possible for swift and courteous assistance!

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