How to get higher organic reach on TikTok

Do you want to become popular on TikTok? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will share easy hacks on how to increase popularity through the app. For instance, how to get a better content plan, how to get TikTok followers PayPal and other payment options integrated, how to get better engagement, etc.

Don’t Delete Old Videos, Make It Private

Regular removal of a large number of videos leads to the fact that the algorithm considers your channel as low-quality and reduces impressions. In order not to delete videos with a small number of impressions, but to remove them from the visible list, change the privacy of the video to “only visible to me”. You can try uploading the video again in a few days with the cover changed.

But only when you are 100% sure that your video is of high quality, you just uploaded it at the wrong time, so it did not make it into the recommendation. But if the video again failed, then carefully analyze the statistics.

Apparently, the audience didn’t really like the video. Therefore, do not delay connecting a pro account, otherwise, you will not be able to see the statistics of your first videos later.

Find a perfect time to post

Find out what time your followers use TikTok. The data can also be found in the pro account, two charts are available here: by day and by the hour. Many are surprised when they find out this TikTok secret – the analytics indicate the coordinated universal time.

Run live streams several times a week

Live broadcasts are a great way to reach a new audience. But this functionality is available after reaching 1000 subscribers and only for adult users. Communicate with the audience, share interesting facts, discuss series and popular memes.

Location matters on TikTok

Location affects TikTok algorithms. First of all, your videos will be shown to your region and nearby settlements. You won’t be able to change this in the Tik Tok settings. But what to do? You can travel more often to big cities, for example, go to New York for a while to create content and publish it there.

There are situations when a blogger lives in Canada, shoots videos in New York, and they are shown to Canada, as a result, the author does not receive any response from the audience. In this case, you can use VPN applications if the laws of the country in which you are located allow.

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