How to buy an apartment in Achrafieh?

Lebanon is one of the most luxurious places to live in, with everything available at your doorstep, and you can do anything that soothes you. Lebanon’s lifestyle is unmatched, and tourists are attracted to buying houses and apartments in Lebanon.

Achrafieh is an upper-class area in Beirut, Lebanon, that offers a luxurious lifestyle to people living there. With superstores and malls available within a 10-minute drive, everything can be accessed online from their stores and delivered effortlessly.

How to buy an apartment in Achrafieh?

Achrafieh is one of the most luxurious places to live in Beirut, Lebanon, and you can buy an apartment relatively quickly. The locals offer rentals or up-for-grab, full furnished apartments that one can purchase quite easily. To buy an apartment, you should look through the following means to choose your apartment.

Local real estate agent

When you are out in Lebanon and looking to make it one of your homes, it is better that you should keep an eye out and have a discussion with the local real estate agent to gaze you through a few locations and apartments. When you visit a few of these agents, selecting the area and choosing the apartment for you will be easy because the locals know the area much better than anyone else.

Online websites

You can visit and scroll through different websites to peek at the apartments that people have listed there for sale or to rent and can make contact with the person who has the apartment of your choice. After agreeing on the time for the visit, you can visit and look at the apartment, and if you like it, you can negotiate a rate with them.

Some companies also offer apartments, and you can go through their locations, or if you are looking for rentals, you can also use Airbnb.

Direct contact with the bank

It so happens that if you are not comfortable contacting the locals or visiting the website in fear that they might charge you more than the local amount, you can always seek help through the bank and can visit their locations and ask them to negotiate some deal with the owners of the apartment that you have selected and wants to own. This can help you avoid any unnecessary disputes, and you can get what you want with ease. If you can’t get the apartment that you wanted, the bank can always get you some other apartment in the area or offer you much better for the same amount.


Achrafieh is one of the most luxurious places to live in Beirut, Lebanon, and one can adapt to the lifestyle quite quickly without any questions being raised. Also, buying an apartment in Achrafieh is as easy as buying candy; you can contact the bank or local real estate agent or look up the websites for the apartments for sale.

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