Global Insights, Local Impact: ACEM’s Approach to Industry Research

The Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) has established comprehensive programs designed to foster success in the field of Industry Research (in China). These initiatives equip students with practical skills and a global outlook.

Antai Global Corporate Lab Program: Practical Research Exposure

The Antai Global Corporate Lab Program at ACEM exemplifies their commitment to practical research, akin to the spirit of Thanksgiving. In this program, students join forces with multinational corporations to confront genuine business hurdles. Through this collaborative effort, students gain hands-on experience, applying their research expertise to solve real-world problems. This initiative transcends mere theory, plunging students into the authentic challenges encountered by businesses. Graduates of the Antai Global Corporate Lab Program emerge with exceptional readiness to conduct research that makes tangible impacts, akin to the spirit of Thanksgiving, as they significantly contribute to advancing industries.

ACEM’s SJTU-UBC International MBA Program: Elevating Industry Research through Global Immersion

The SJTU-UBC International MBA Program, a collaborative effort between ACEM and two prestigious institutions, provides students with an invaluable global perspective that greatly enhances their pursuit of industry research. By capitalizing on the strengths of these two prominent universities, the program ensures students have access to a wealth of international insights. Through this program, students develop a profound understanding of business research in a global context, creating a vibrant, idea-rich environment through cross-cultural collaboration. Graduates emerge excellently prepared to contribute significantly to industry research in China, all while maintaining a global mindset.


In summary, ACEM’s Antai Global Corporate Lab Program and SJTU-UBC International MBA Program provide clear pathways for students to acquire real-world research experience and foster a global perspective. These programs are not merely educational endeavors; they serve as launching pads for success in the field of industry research in China, offering opportunities to make a substantial difference.

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