Find out the attractive promotions of AE888 - AE88

Find out the attractive promotions of AE888 – AE88

A bookie wants to attract and retain a large number of players. The indispensable element is the great promotions and incentives. Understanding this, the AE888 house has constantly launched many extremely attractive promotions. Guaranteed players will “forget the way back” when enjoying great promotions here. Let’s find out the deals that this house has to offer!

Offering 100% great value promotion for new members

To be able to attract more players to AE888 casino. The bookie has given a lot of promotions for them. In particular, the most special to mention is the 100% promotion. Players will receive this promotion when they make their first deposit at the dealer. You will not expect it, because this promotion is worth up to 6,888,000 VND.

hoto 1: Promotion to receive VND

6,888,000 Exclusive offer for all members available at AE888

The house always ensures the player’s experience is always great when coming here. Therefore, always want to provide many types of bonuses so that you can increase your capital. These can be mentioned as gifts, discounts, free spins, deposit bonuses, etc. In general, these promotions are available and updated daily on the system.

Cashback AE88 to every player

In addition to the 100% price promotion with great value, the return incentive is also an opportunity for you to increase your capital. These refund packages will be subject to certain game or software developers offering based on player’s VIP status. These rebates will be offered in all games, from soccer, lottery and casino to AE88 cockfight.

Get Instant Weekly Promotion

AE88 also offers players a variety of weekly promotions. This is also an opportunity to help you get more promotions at the house. These gifts will be in the weekly promotion section with many attractive offers. For example, special prize gifts, betting on specific games for big bonuses, cashback, cashback bonuses,…

Photo 2: Weekly

Promotion Super VIP promotion at AE88

The more players play, the more promotions and bonuses they will receive. When players deposit and play bets at AE88, they will have the opportunity to become a VIP member here. VIP members will have the right to receive many attractive rewards

Members who make a second deposit will receive a 50% discount.

On the first deposit, you will have the opportunity to receive 100% of the value of the top-up card. Not stopping there, the house has also launched a second deposit promotion to receive 50% of the deposit value for players. Although the bonus amount received will be less than the first time, it is still great value. In particular, in the next recharge, players can also receive an additional value of the top-up card up to 15%.

Specifically, when you deposit at least 500,000 VND, the amount you receive will be 250,000 VND. This promotion is applied to players when you make a successful deposit.

Sports Lobby Rebate 0.88%

For this rebate package, every bookie can get it. Players will have the opportunity to receive this promotion when participating in sports betting on the weekend. This offer will be applied when the total deposit in the player’s game wallet reaches 10,000,000 VND. Minimum turnover for bets must be VND 50,000,000. The maximum payout a player will receive is estimated at VND 5,888,000 with x3 betting round chances.

Photo 3: Sports

Refund Lucky sports award ticket at AE888

This promotion is offered by the house and applies to players who are members of the house. The value of the promotion that you receive will be based on the end of the bet ticket. Specifically:

Tail bet 88 receive 10% refund.

After betting 888, you will receive a 30% refund.

Bets on 8888 receive an instant refund of up to 50%.

After betting 88888 you will receive 100% of the refund value.

This promotion only applies to the maximum bet of 300,000 VND with x5 betting rounds. This offer will be applied once a week to all house members. Note: Within 24 hours, players will be issued betting tickets and receive their rewards immediately.

AE888 promotion for the player with the most deposit

  • In addition to the promotions mentioned above, this game portal also updates huge promotions for players who deposit the most. The deposit rankings will always be regularly updated by the house with offers of impressive value. Specifically, the 5 players who deposit the most money every month with x5 betting rounds will receive the following promotions:
  • First prize: 2 million VND.
  • Second prize: 1.5 million VND.
  • Third prize: 1 million VND.
  • Fourth prize: 500,000 VND.
  • Year prize: 200,000 VND.

Photo 4: Promotion for the most deposit

Above are the promotions that are updated most often by the house AE888 to send to players. All members of the house will have the opportunity to receive promotions with great value. Join this reputable bookmaker now to receive attractive promotions!

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