Entrepreneurship explained with the simple tips

Do you want to learn about business and entrepreneurship? Well, let’s share some incredible secrets. 


Fundamental principle of the entrepreneur is the constant renewal of the business. If you don’t want to change your business, your market will change and leave you isolated. Better to be a leader than a follower. If there is no clear path to success, you will need different maneuvers. You need a change.

Find ways to go beyond

For a successful businessman, there are no limits in business. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t think about limits, you will achieve anything you want. If you see limitations in everything around you, instead of opportunities, you need to  change your thinking and start looking beyond. While entrepreneurial success stories flood our newsfeeds, plenty of newcomers hit the ground before they even start to gain momentum, and their stories serve as important lessons for all of us. According to statistics, 50% of startups failed to survive the initial five-year period. Therefore, it is worth listening to the advice of already held people. So, the basic rules of successful entrepreneurs.

Video stream and track everything

Just like GaryVee did on YouTube, you should stream and track everything. The latest platform popular for this – Twitch. You should focus more on Twitch and start streaming everything in your daily business hustle. Buy live Twitch viewers and get more organic reach with it.

Write a business plan

There is some truth in this. It is impossible to calculate everything, and many famous businessmen simply did what they loved without a clear plan. But still, the basic business scenarios and market volume are worth calculating. This will help to structure thoughts and get rid of doubts – or vice versa, to doubt the viability of the idea. Other things being equal, good planning won’t stop you from becoming the next Steve Jobs.

Don’t work with friends and family

At first, it seems like a great idea to start a business with a friend (brother, matchmaker) who has the right competencies. This is someone you’ve known for a long time. You can rely on him. But keep in mind that within our culture it is difficult to distinguish between work and personal. An American can threaten an employee with dismissal, and an hour later sit with him in a pub and ask about the health of children. But it is difficult for Russians to conduct tough negotiations and share profits with a loved one. Either you spoil the relationship, or the business suffers.

Test the product on a real audience

Telling everyone you know about a new project is a good idea. But this is not a complete test. Friends may praise a product, but that doesn’t mean they’ll pay for it. To “feel” the audience, conduct interviews with strangers from the desired segment. Where to look for them:

professional forums. Look for active participants and knock on them in person. If the forum rules allow, create a topic with an invitation to test.

Reddit. It is a social news site with a huge audience. Find the topic you need and write messages to the most friendly participants in the discussion.

Social network. Join highly specialized communities and invite members to try the service.

Just write to a potential buyer about the project and the desire to consult. Offer a gift or a review of his product in return. Many people are happy to express their opinion to an interested interlocutor. And you will get honest feedback and understand the needs of the audience.

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