Diverse Material Options for CNC Machining Service at KAIAO

KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co., Limited offers an extensive range of material options for their CNC machining service, catering to diverse industry needs. As a leading provider of precision CNC parts, KAIAO is committed to delivering high-quality results by utilizing a wide array of metal and plastic materials. With expertise in CNC machining, KAIAO ensures that every project receives the ideal material for optimal performance.

Versatility of Metal Materials

KAIAO’s CNC machining service encompasses an impressive selection of metal materials, ideal for various applications. From lightweight aluminum and corrosion-resistant brass to highly conductive copper and durable stainless steel, KAIAO provides businesses with the flexibility to choose the most suitable metal for their project. With additional options like steel alloy, mild low carbon steel, and titanium, KAIAO ensures precision and reliability in every CNC machined metal part.

Extensive Range of Plastic Materials

KAIAO recognizes the importance of plastic materials in modern manufacturing. Their CNC machining service includes a diverse range of plastic options, each offering unique characteristics to suit specific project requirements. Whether it’s the strength of ABS, the toughness of HDPE, or the high-temperature resistance of PEEK and PEI, KAIAO ensures that businesses have access to the most suitable plastic material for their CNC parts.

Customized Solutions for Optimal Performance

With a wide selection of materials available, KAIAO offers businesses the opportunity to tailor their CNC machining service to achieve optimal performance. Whether it’s the mechanical properties, chemical resistance, or aesthetics required for the project, KAIAO’s expert team can guide businesses in selecting the ideal material that aligns with their unique specifications.


KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co., Limited provides a wealth of material options for their CNC machining service. With versatility in metal and plastic materials, KAIAO ensures that businesses have access to the most suitable materials for their CNC parts. With a commitment to precision and quality, KAIAO’s diverse material offerings empower businesses to achieve exceptional results and elevate their products in the competitive market. Experience the versatility and excellence of CNC machining service at KAIAO, your trusted manufacturing partner.

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