Discover Advanced Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories from SmallRig

SmallRig provides professional filmmakers with a wide range of advanced  gimbal stabilizer accessories. Their extensive collection of cages, handles, plates, rods, and grips help you maximize the performance of your handheld stabilizers.

Discover Advanced Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories from SmallRig

Pro Stabilizer Accessories for any Gimbal System

Whether you’re using a DJI, Zhiyun, Moza, or Freefly stabilizer, SmallRig has you covered. They offer a large selection of  gimbal stabilizer accessories designed specifically for the most popular handheld stabilizer brands.

Their mount plates, rods, grips and cages are compatible with DJI RS series, Zhiyun Crane series, Moza Air series and more. The accessories are designed with high quality aluminum alloy and fitted with industry standard 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw holes for maximum compatibility.

Grips and Handles for Ultimate Control

With SmallRig’s wide selection of grips and handles, you can configure your  gimbal stabilizer setup for maximum stability and control.

Their standard hand grips and dual hand grips attach securely to your gimbal and provide balanced weight distribution. Their side grips and pistol grips give you alternative handling positions while shooting.

Their wireless control grips allow you to operate your gimbal’s controls without any cable clutter – perfect for smooth cinematic shots.

Plates, Rods and Cages for Modularity

SmallRig’s mount plates, rods and cages help you build a fully customized stabilizer system.

Their arca Swiss quick release plates, Manfrotto quick release plates and extended quick release plates securely mount your gimbal to compatible accessories.

Their rod extensions, rod clamps and rod systems help you extend the range of motion for your gimbal shots.

Their lightweight camera cages are compatible with many action camera models, fitting snugly over your camera housing for stable accessory attachment.


SmallRig offers a huge selection of advanced gimbal stabilizer accessories to maximize the control and versatility of your handheld stabilizer. Their extensive range of handles, grips, plates, rods and cages help you build the perfect custom setup for your filming needs.

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